Whats this movie called?

I think it has Leelee Sobieski in it, and she kills her own mother, and her sister and her both fight over the dad, somthin like tht

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    Mad Cow (2009)

    Leelee playing "?".

    Directed by Jamie Bradshaw, Alexander Doulerain.


    Public Enemies (2009)

    Leelee playing "Polly Hamilton".

    Directed by Michael Mann.

    Also starring Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Emilie de Ravin.


    Night Train (2008)

    Leelee playing "Chloe".

    Directed by Brian King.

    Also starring Danny Glover, Steve Zahn.


    Finding Bliss (2008)

    Leelee playing "Jody Balaban".

    Directed by Julie Davis.

    Also starring Matthew Davis, Denise Richards, Kristen Johnston.


    Acts of Violence (2008)

    Leelee playing "Olivia Flyn".

    Directed by Il Lim.

    Also starring Il Lim, Ron Perlman.


    Walk All Over Me (2008)

    Leelee playing "Alberta".

    Directed by Robert Cuffley.

    Also starring Tricia Helfer.


    In the Name of the King - A Dungeon Siege Tale (2007)

    Leelee playing "Muriella".

    Directed by Uwe Boll.

    Also starring Jason Statham, John Rhys-Davies, Kristanna Loken.


    88 Minutes (2007)

    Leelee playing "Lauren Douglas".

    Directed by Jon Avnet.

    Also starring Al Pacino.


    The Elder Son (2006)

    Leelee playing "Lolita".

    Directed by Marius Balchunas.

    Also starring Shane West.


    Coven (2006)

    Leelee as Narrator (voice).

    Directed by Arden Wohl.


    The Wicker Man (2006)

    Leelee playing "Sister Honey".

    Directed by Neil LaBute.

    Also starring Nicolas Cage, Molly Parker.


    In a Dark Place (2006)

    Leelee playing "Anna Veigh".

    Directed by Donato Rotunno.

    Also starring Tara Fitzgerald.


    Heavens Fall (2006)

    Leelee playing "Victoria Price".

    Directed by Terry Green.

    Also starring Timothy Hutton, Anthony Mackie, David Strathairn and Maury Chaykin.


    Lying (2006)

    Leelee playing "Sarah".

    Directed by M. Blash.

    Also starring Chloe Sevigny, Jena Malone.


    London (2005)

    Leelee playing "French women" in deleted scenes.

    Directed by Hunter Richards.

    Also starring Jessica Biel, Jason Statham, Chris Evans.


    Hercules (2005)

    Leelee playing "Deianeira".

    Directed by Roger Young.

    Also starring Paul Telfer, Sean Astin, Timothy Dalton.


    Les Liaisons Dangereuses (2003)

    Leelee playing "Cecile de Volanges".

    Directed by Josee Dayan.

    Also starring Catherine Deneuve, Rupert Everett, Nastassja Kinski.


    Max (2002)

    Leelee playing "Liselore Von Peltz".

    Directed by Menno Meyjes.

    Also starring John Cusack, Noah Taylor, Molly Parker.


    L'idole (2002)

    Leelee playing "Sarah Silver".

    Directed by Samantha Lang.

    Also starring James Hong, Jean-Paul Roussillon, Jalil Lespert.


    Uprising (2001)

    Leelee playing "Tosia Altman".

    Directed by Jon Avnet.

    Also starring Hank Azaria, David Schwimmer, Jon Voight.


    The Glass House (2001)

    Leelee playing "Ruby Baker".

    Directed by Daniel Sackheim.

    Also starring Diane Lane, Stellan Skarsgard, Trevor Morgan.


    Joy Ride (2001)

    Leelee playing "Venna Wilcox".

    Directed by John Dahl.

    Also starring Paul Walker, Steve Zahn, Jessica Bowman.


    My First Mister (2001)

    Leelee playing "Jennifer 'J' Anne Wilson".

    Directed by Christine Lahti.

    Also starring Albert Brooks, Desmond Harrington, Carol Kane.


    Here on Earth (2000)

    Leelee playing "Samantha 'Sam' Cavanaugh".

    Directed by Mark Piznarski.

    Also starring Chris Klein, Josh Hartnett, Annette O'Toole.

    I believe the movie your looking for is the one called Acts of Violence, but not sure.

    I hope thios will help you find the one you want.



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    you could look here and see if anything rings a bell

    sorry i couldn't help more

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