What should be done about the ethnic conflicts in Iraq, particularly with the Kurds?

Should the Kurds be allowed a separate nation? What kind of agreement should Iraq make with the Kurds?


I'm writing a report from the Iraqi government's point of view, so what should the Iraqi government, not the US government, do?

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    Im a Kurd and im totally fine with being an Iraqi Kurd

    though the media portrays pitiful extremists, there are so many that are trying hard to bring peace

    plus the new iraqi president is fully Kurdish which is kinda why things are getting a lot better for the Iraqi Kurds

    but the thing is that if Iraqi Kurds get to have a nation then this would have to include Kurds from Turkey Syria and Iran which is very hard unless the ones who originally planned to divided up the middle eastern countries and "promised" Kurds their land [France and Britain were responsible for this] would have to participate in this as well.

    To be honest i think its best for now that other countries should recognize the kurdish identity be4 giving away part of their land

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    We should actually do nothing and let them settle their own differences.

    The government of the United States cannot even control the crap in this country, and we have enough problems here that are being ignored.

    The Iraqi's were much better off with Saddam than with us.

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    At this stage in Iraq's history it is extremely important that the Iraqi government show itself to be fair and even-handed in its dealings with its various peoples. It should listen to their problems, meet with them, discuss the problems, help them attain fair representation in the government. It must show and exercise genuine leadership. If it fails in this, it will be confronted with very difficult internal problems that it cannot solve without reverting to its dictatorial historical type.

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    We should not interfere.

    Nor with the Chechins in Ukraine.

    Source(s): Article 2:7 of the United Nations Charter. Nothing contained in the present Charter shall authorize the United Nations to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state or shall require the Members to submit such matters to settlement under the present Charter;
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    pull our people out and let them fight over it as they say not Americas bus so piss on them

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