Naruto Fans whats up with Rock Lee and Guy ?

Well I was reading another anime and came across the term Okama. In looking up its meaning I found out that it means fag in Japanese.

In reading the above page I found this.

Military same-sex love

From religious circles, same-sex love spread to the warrior class, where it was customary for a young samurai to apprentice to an older and more experienced man. The young samurai would be his lover for many years. The practice was known as shudo, the way of youth, and was held in high esteem by the warrior class.

If I recall correctly both Rock Lee and Guy both used to scream and shout about the power of youth and the way of youth etc ...

That being said does anyone else think that maybe there is more to there relationship ?


Hey its just a thought I had and figured it would make for an interesting discussion. Thanks for your responses.

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Update 2:

I also know that it more then likely a father/son relationship but I have seen where many anime have little things that you either have to know the culture to know what they are talking about. I was curious if this was something I might have missed out on noticing.

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    No, Rock Lee just idolizes Guy because he was only guy that believed in his ways, Helped him become stronger.

    Guy is more of a father figure to him or his hero.. someone he wants to become.

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    In One Piece, the Okama seem to be nothing more than transvestites wanting to put on a good show. I don't know much about Japanese slang, I have never lived there. But that is was I see to take from the manga.

    In a funny way the Guy-Lee relationship you speak of seems like a funny hidden possibility. They both do make those funny gestures and cry oven each other. Thumbs up.

    Funny theory. Yes, I could see that.

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    I like Rock Lee and i honestly believe he will become one of the most powerful shinobi's in Konoha. He is almost on par with Gai even tho he is half his age so imagine by the time he is full grown.. Lee has trained the one thing he can do (taijutsu) to the point where it compensates for all the things he can't do (genjutsu and ninjutsu).. He doesn't even need them at this point because his speed and strength is rediculous. He is kinda odd looking and is a big cry baby but he is still one of my favorite characters... i want to see more of him and Shino lol.

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    Rock Lee Gay

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    1 decade ago

    1. Okama is slang for a transvestite in Japanese.

    2. In response to whether Rock Lee and Maito Gai have a gay relationship? Obviously no, idiot.

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    Like everyone else says no there is nothing more to that relationship except possibly a son and father relationship.

    There is nothing deeper than that.

    Its like everyone else says: it is that Lee just idolizes Gai.

    I also think that they have the same characteristics and personality.

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    it is more of an older teacher that is revered than Homosexual. Lee respects Might guy

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    it is just a play on words or pun so to speak. in reality, there isnt anything between them

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    Hilariously great! :}

    But, nah, nothings between them.

    Eww, mental picture. XP

    Source(s): Haha, hope I helped. :]
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    1 decade ago

    LOL that's funny, but I think it's just a coincidence...

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