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If you don't belong to a Union, and work for a big company, how good are you at negotiating a wage increase?

Say you worked for Boeing or Eli Lilly or Bell South, how good would you be at getting a raise or a pension or sick days off, just you against them!

And remember, you are a smart guy, well educated and motivated ! !

Give them your best shot!

How much will you get! 5% - 10% ????????

Your thoughts ? ?

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    Well, I DO belong to a union, and I was lucky to get 4% this year. And if I wanted more, that's pretty much too bad because it's all determined by the rules the union and the company agree to. I would be better off financially were it not for the union. Of course, the opposite is true of the lazy bums who don't do anything. The union keeps them from getting fired.

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    You generally get taken along for the ride. Whatever the Union negotiates is what everyone gets. At least that was the way it worked for Grocery store employees. I think you will find the pressure to join the Union pretty steep. White collar workers are on their own and need to develop negotiation skills. Depending between 5% - 35% based on new job responsibilities.

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