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I just got stabbed with the same knife as someone who has aids.?

Should I get tested?


I am in ER it's just I'm in the queue and I have been waiting for four hours to be seen, I'm on my mobile and I have to get home because I have a spleen infection and I've left my tablets at home. My pancreas is bleeding as we speak.

Update 2:

Laura, they have AIDS as in AIDS

not aids as in aids

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    HIV can be spread by injection of fresh HIV positive blood. It can even theoretically be transmitted by dried blood for a brief period of time.

    HIV can also be spread by transmission of other bodily fluids, including breast milk.

    Anything that injects someone's blood into another person's blood vessels can transmit HIV. Even using a toothbrush with HIV infected blood on the bristles can transmit HIV to another person if that person uses the toothbrush while they have an open sore in their mouth.

    Hence a minor knife wound can transmit HIV.

    Here are links to reliable information

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    if you really got stabbed you wouldn't be asking a question on here you would be seeking help from police and ER.

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    Probably. How many aids does this person have? How are they aiding this person?

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    Wow, you must be bored.

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