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Isn't it sort of hypocritical of the "love it or leave it' conservative crowd since they hate obama and?

They basically hate Obama and all Obama voters and people like me who voted for McCain but dont agree with them 100% of the time,

so, aren't they sort of hypocritical, since if they hate 51-99% of they're country's population - maybe you should love it or leave it

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    we have the freedom to agree to disagree in America, regardless if we like each others opinions or not. I voted McCain also.

    EDIT: im_foxyg, and "abomination"? so, it was o.k. to treat bush just as bad as others have their opinion about barack? what part of freedom of speech isn't understood? you have the right to bash bush, just as much as we have the right to bash barack, guaranteed by our constitution. what is it with this generation they don't understand this?

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    it's the diversity that makes this country great. I remember a cartoon when I was a kid about a sheep dog and a wolf. as soon as they clocked in they were all business, but when the work day was over they were friendly. we need to be able to find a common ground where political and religious differences can be set aside, and people can just relax and be sociable. there are enough reasons not to get along, what we need is a reason to at least tolerate each other.

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    It is hypocritical but just like you have come to support the President so have many other McCain supporters. So this big mouth bunch is only about 11% of the country even though they may be 90% of the people in the political area at this site. So thank you for being a caring decent person. I wish we could all have a party to celelbrate our country rather than the negative parties they are having to put it down. Well, we could if wanted but we don't need to do that. They will say the dems didn't respect Bush but when 911 happened we all stood as one. When he hurried to war many of us don't believe in killing or sending others off to fight in wars for many good reasons. One reason is because we are to advanced for that to be a first - 1000 solution but for it to only be a last solution. Bush did alot & we had to speak out Obama has done nothing wrong & these people want torment him & his supporters. I do believe that Jesus said to love thy neighbor as thyself because what we send out to others comes back to us. So as a democrat when I stood against Bush I was really standing up for the military & the Katrina people, etc. These people are not standing up for their grandchildrens finances which is BS. They didn't care when Bush should have been stopped from his spending. His spending was a robbery of our country. He took our money out of circulation. Obama is not doing that. He is putting money in circulation so we can survive. Bush was the drunk who ran over the patient who Dr. Obama needs to give a blood transfusion to & the haters are blaming the DR. instead of the drunk who caused the destruction. You know the truth & so do the others who support Obama so know that we are winning what is best for the country & that is all that matters. We really appreciate your support & well, it is your country too anyway.

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    America - love it or leave it?

    Such an irritating phrase.

    Putting aside for the moment that the definition of loving America means many different things to different people, let’s take a really close look at what people are saying when they express that view. To ask someone to leave America because they disagree with your politics is, of course, the deepest irony possible. After all, America was built entirely on the structure of being able to openly express disapproval of your government. Remember, the founders of America were citizens of England at the time and they went far beyond merely expressing disapproval. So anyone saying “America: Love it or leave it” is, in reality, expressing the single most un-American sentiment possible.

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    1 decade ago see you're looking for them to stand behind what they said while their guy was in power...if you said anything bad about Bush you hated the troops and wanted the terrorists to win...but now that it's a Democrat the only way they think we can save the country is to hope that he fails and call him, weak, a socialist, anti American, etc. Doesn't that make sense to to me either. People better than me might make a political argument back up by facts, but i'm not that smart so I'll just call it as I see it...the "love it or leave it people" of 2000 to 2008...are the world record setting hypocrites of 2009.

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    According to Hollywood, all the actors were going to leave when Bush won...

    but we know Hollywood and Hypocrite both start with H for a reason.

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    grow a pair and attrmpt to make me leave

    its your funeral pal

    Source(s): USMC 1989-1993
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    A little ranty and I can't seem to find a real question in there.

    I hate what B.O. is doing to OUR country, not just my country. I also hate that the dems in control in D.C. are treating OUR tax dollars as their own personal piggy banks to use on a spending spree.

    There is always hypocrisy in politics, get used to it.

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    If memory serves me,didn't a few of the"Hollywood Crowd" during the Bush/Carie,and Bush/Gore elections say that if Bush won,they would "leave America" for good? Well,we're still waiting!!!

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    I for one voted for Mcain but just don`t see Obama`s policy`s.... I hope what he is trying to do works because if it does not there is no money left to try something different..... He has spent evrything on a gamble

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