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Is Pakistan or Bangladesh more religious?

which country is more into Islam?

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    I lived in Pakistan (19 years), Iran (2 years) and rest of my life in Bangladesh. Let me analyse your questions, as follows:

    1. During my time in Pakistan (1954-1973) I saw people following religion Islam more-or-less perfectly, if we can compare what they are doing now-a-days in Pakistan in the name of Islam, particularly the Sunni vs. Shia and other sects (Ahmedia etc). People were very tolerant in those days and we (Sunni) used to participate in Shia rituals, particularly the way they would have processions of Karbala and repentance and/or for the brutal act of Yazid etc. Can we think of such tolerance in present day's Pakistan?

    2. During my stay in Iran when Reza Shah Pahelvi was ruling brutally and religious people were kept at the back-water, we would not find much show of religious festivals and events throughout the year. But the scenario changed 180 degrees when Ayatollah Ruhullah Khomeini came back from Iraq and Shah was forced out and on 11th February 1999 the clerics declared victory. We saw how brutally these Mullahs/ clergymen (no women can be priest at that point of time, not sure if it has changed) killed people related or associated with the deposed Shah. Every morning we would find that full page of newspapers are plastered with dead from firing-squads after summary trial was done where the Mullah was the Chief Judge (Quazi). I am sure our religion Islam would not teach us to treat opponents or defeated forces in that fashion. I left Iran in June 1999, four months into these gruesome killings!

    3. I have been living in Bangladesh and I found that most of the people are following religion blindly and selfishly. I think these two flaws persist in almost all the major religion too, not to single out Islam. You would find that every Friday all of our mosques are filled with devotees and they would shove each others to reach the front line of the congregations without consideration to the fact that people came earlier are suppose to be sitting at the front rows, that is suppose to be having more blessings.

    I am not criticising any country or religion or sects, but I just wonder when we the people following this great and judicious religion, Islam, would be civilised in proper manner and modest enough not to poke our nose into others affairs no matter how much we believe that our sect is the right one.

    In fine, I would say that the people of Bangladesh are slightly more religious than the people of Pakistan, if we consider their tolerance level for other sects or other religions.

    Sorry that I had to bring Iran into this equation, since the respondents seem to have thought it right to do so and a rebuttal was needed.

    Hope above would suffice.

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    None, the Superior Country like Iran is more religious

    Source(s): Persians Rule!
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    None is religious if they were they would be in fact very successful !

  • 1 decade ago

    None, Iran is more religious

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