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Facts on Selena Gomez?

anyone know any AWESOME facts for my little girl's fun fact poster shes making. if you could maybe a time line not like back when though LOL

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    Here are a some:

    - She starred on Barney with Demi Lovato at age 7.

    -She has 4 dogs, one is named chip

    -Her Fav candies are snickers and good n' plenty but she also luvs chocolate

    -Her and her BFF demi lovato wear matching guitar pick necklaces

    -Has never been but Would like to go to NYC

    -likes hip-hop and punk music

    -fav bands are fall out boy and paramore

    -fav song to sing is rockstar by hannah montana

    -wears a purity ring that says 'true love waits'

    -Wears a barcelet that Jake T. Austin gave to her

    -Fav school subject is science

    -She is home-schooled

    -Luvs to eat pizza and shrimp

    -Fav pizza toppings are mushrooms, peppers, and cheese

    -She is an only child

    -Fav sports are soccer and basketball

    -Luvs converse (u prob knew that) She owns 20 pairs!!!

    -had a part in Spy Kids 3

    -Went to danny jones middle school in texas

    -Likes to cheerlead, sing, acting, skateboarding, surfing, and dancing

    -HUGE johnny depp fan

    -Has the same name as a latino singer

    -Her full name is Selena Marie Gomez

    -She was born July 22, 1992

    -Selena grew up in Grand Prairie, Texas

    -She played guest roles in two popular Disney shows, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and Hannah Montana

    -Selena prefers acting to singing

    -Selena loves chocolate!

    -Selena's favorite pizza toppings are cheese, mushrooms, and jalapenos

    -Ryan Gosling and Shia LaBeouf are her celebrity crushes.

    -She wears a purity ring that says "True Love Waits" -She is of Mexican and Italian descent

    -Selena has never been to New York City but would like to go

    -If Selena could have any magical talent it would be to zap food when she's hungry so she could have a snack anytime

    -At 12, she traveled to Austin for a nationwide casting call for the Disney Channel

    -Selena's first appearance on Radio Disney was on October 26, 2007

    -Selena went to Danny Jones Middle School located in Texas

    -Selena received a Mickey Mouse charm necklace as a gift from Disney Channel

    -Gomez got the acting bug from her mother, who did local theater in Dallas

    -She attended the World Magic Awards on the 13th October 2007

    -She played the character of Emily Grace Garcia in the movie Brain Zapped in 2006

    -Movie premieres she has attended: Surf's Up, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix, Pirates Of The Caribbean: At Worlds End, High School Musical 2, Shrek the Third, The Game Plan, and Hannah Montana: The Best Of Both World's Concert Movie

    -She is five feet five inches tall, has brown eyes and naturally curly black hair

    -Selena is very good friends with Demi Lovato, former co-star on Barney. They met while standing next to each other in the audition line and Selena asked Demi if she wanted to color

    -Selena starred in Barney as Gianna not the commonly mistaken name, Gionna

    -Selena is represented by Creative Artists Agency and Jamie Freed of Nine Yards Entertainment

    -Her acting career started when she was only in 5th grade

    - Selena has kissed Dylan Sprouse from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. The episode was A Midsummer's Nightmare

    -Although her show supposedly started on certain providers her show Stevie Sanchez is yet to be on cable

    -She is of Mexican and Italian descent

    -She took part in Disney Channel's Earth Day celebration

    -She only auditioned once for Wizards, but she says it took her two years to get ready for it

    -Disney filmed a music video of Selena singing her version of "Cruella De Vil" for the bonus extras on the "101 DalSelena Gomez Triviamatians: Platinum Edition" DVD. The video made its TV premiere on February 10th, 2008

    Hope I helped!!

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    Selena Gomez Facts

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    Selena Gomez Wikipedia

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    her full name is Selena Marie Gomez and she was born on July 22, 1992 in Texas. Her best friend is demi lovato and she met her when they were auditioning for the barney and friends show in 2002. She was also on the Jonas Brothers music video for the song Burnin' up as Nick's love interest. There is a lot more to say about her. You can google selena gomez wiki bio and find a link to wikipedia. Then you can learn loads about her for some more facts. But selena likes to sing even though she is an actress. One of her songs are Tell Me something I don't Know

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    Selena Gomez was born in July 22, 1992

    She a Disney channel star

    She was born in Texas

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    Facts on Selena Gomez?

    anyone know any AWESOME facts for my little girl's fun fact poster shes making. if you could maybe a time line not like back when though LOL

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    Is 16.

    Birthday is July 22, 1992.

    Plays Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place.

    Has a twitter:

    bestfriends with another awesome person who goes by the name Demi Lovato.

    Has an upcoming movie that is not from Disney.

    Has an upcoming movie of Wizards of Waverly Place.

    Selena signed TI-Nspire graphing calculators for patients at City of Hope, a research center located in Duarte, California that treats cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases, for use in their math and science courses.

    Her favorite sport is basketball.

    Selena attended public school until fifth grade and she use to get into trouble for talking during class (Usually because she was trying to help other students with their tests). She prefered to sit in the back row because she didn't fit in with the popular kids that sat in the front of the class.

    Selena says that the best gift a guy ever gave her was a CD of Frank Sinatra love songs.

    Selena is an only child.

    Selena would love to collaborate with Drew Seeley.

    She is of Mexican and Italian descent.

    She and best friend Demi Lovato have matching guitar pick necklaces.

    Selena's favorite candies are Snickers and Good & Plenty.

    Her favorite band is Fall Out Boy. Another band she likes is Paramore and she says that she would love to do a collaboration with them one day. She also likes Christina Aguilera and the Jonas Brothers.

    Her favorite song to sing is Rockstar by Hannah Montana.

    Selena prefers acting to singing. edit »Selena loves chocolate!

    Selena's is in the tenth grade and her favorite school subject is science.

    Selena's favorite pizza toppings are cheese, mushrooms, and jalapenos.

    Ryan Gosling and Shia LaBeouf are her celebrity crushes.

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  • -Selenas full name is Selena Marie Gomez

    -Her mother had her at the age of 16

    -She was born in Texas,U.S.A

    -When she was only 7 she starred in barney

    -Her best friend is Demi lovato

    -Her birthday is June 22nd

    -She is 16 years old

    -She is labeled with holly wood records

    -She is bringing out a movie with her best friend,demi lovato, called princess protection program

    -She is the main role in Another cinderella story

    -She is a actress

    -As well as being a actress she sings too.

    -She has a youtube account called SelGomez

    -Her favourite food is Pickles and chocolate.

    -She is an amercican actress

    -She is an only child

    -She likes to eat snicker bars.

    -She likes paramore

    -She wears a purity ring on her left finger.

    -She stars in her own show-wizards of waverly place

    -She has starred in hannah montana as Mikayla

    -She has the same agent as Miley cyrus

    -She likes to skateboard

    -She has a dog called chip which she resqued

    -Her favourite songs to sing are rockstar by hannah montana or any songs by paramore

    -Her hight is 5 ft 5

    Hope i helped :D

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    Pizza huts pepperoni pizza

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