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可以幫忙用以下單字 自選10個 寫成一篇"簡短的2人對話"嗎?


1.persuade (說服)

2.behave (行為)

3.overcome (克服)

4.Do you have a minute (Are you free now)

5.this minute (right now)

6.buddy (朋友)

7.settle (handle)

8.pajamas (睡衣)

9.Cool (Great)

10.apologizing (道歉)

11.not very optimistic (不太樂觀)

12.made fun of (取笑)

急用!!謝謝 感激不盡

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    A: Do you have a minute for me?

    B: Sure, what’s up?

    A: Sigh, I made fun of Susan last night when we were talking about hot chicks.

    B: What did you say?

    A: I told her that even she wore a sexy pajamas, she still looks like a guy to me.

    B: It is indeed very rude!

    A: I thought she is my buddy and is able to take this joke.

    B: You should apologize.

    A: I already did, but things did not look very optimistic. I think she is not going to forgive me.

    B: Well, I guess I will help you to settle it down with her.

    A: That will be great! Thanks!

    B: I will try my best to persuade her that it was not your intention to make fun of her.

    A: Thank you again. I should behave my words next time when chatting with her.

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    但是不要忘了 She still LOOKED like a guy to me.

    You can never mix the verb tense up... It will make your sentence sound confusing.

    2009-05-23 15:36:03 補充:

    and " I thought she WAS my buddy and WAS able to take this joke."

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