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  • 1 decade ago
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    Aaron Wheeler & Jayme Tovey - All I Need(acer廣告曲)

    Aaron Wheeler & Jayme Tovey - Late in the day(東森房屋廣告曲)

    Augustana奧古斯塔那 - Boston波士頓

    Avril Lavigne艾薇兒 - Knocking On Heaven's Door敲敲天堂的門

    Bizarre Love Triangle(Frente!)

    Brian McKnight布萊恩麥肯奈特 - Back At One

    Brian mcknight ft. St lunatics - Groovin tonight

    Dido蒂朵 -THANK YOU

    Donna Lewis-I COULD BE THE ONE

    dub pistols鼓打槍 - six million ways to live活著的6百萬種方式

    Eels - Love of the loveless (上帝在我家電影原聲)

    Elton John-your song(推薦與羅南Live合唱版本)

    Enigma謎 ft. 郭英男-Return to Innocence

    Flipsyde feat. t.A.T.u -Happy Birthday

    Gary Jules feat. Michael Andrews-mad world(好聽)

    Gavin DeGraw - Against all odds (Live)

    Jet噴射機 - look what you've done

    Korn崆-Alone I Break打擊孤獨

    Lifehouse生命之屋 - you and me

    Macy gray-time of my life

    Matchbox 20 火柴盒20- bed of lies

    Matchbox 20 火柴盒20- Push

    Nelly Furtado妮莉費塔朵 - All Good Things 好景不常

    Oasis綠洲 - Stop Crying Your Heart Out收起你的淚(蝴蝶效應片尾曲)


    Oasis綠洲-Little By Llittle


    Oasis綠洲-let there be love

    Oasis綠洲- Don't Look Back In Anger

    One republic 共和世代- stop & stare

    One republic共和世代-apologize

    One republic共和世代-all fall down

    paolo nutini保羅努提尼- jenny don't be hasty

    Paolo nutini保羅努提尼- new shoes(PUMA廣告曲)

    Radiohead 電台司令- fake plastic trees假橡膠樹

    Rascal Flatts雷可福磊斯 - what hurts the most

    Robbie Robertson-Shine Your Light(浴火英雄原聲)

    rufus wainwright 洛福斯溫萊特- accroos the universe 飛越宇宙

    savage garden野人花園 - Turly Madly Deeply

    Shinedown - shed some light

    Sum 41魔數41 - pieces


    2009-05-25 11:37:34 補充:

    the cranberries小紅莓 - never grow old 天天年輕

    the fray瑕疵 - look after you

    Travis崔維斯-3 Times and You Lose

    Travis崔維斯 - side邊際

    Travis崔維斯 - sing唱所欲言


    Travis崔維斯 - closer靠近

    Travis崔維斯 - the humpty dumpty love song傻蛋情歌

    Travis崔維斯 -Writing to Reach You寫信給你

    2009-05-25 11:38:42 補充:

    uncle kracker - follow me

    wyclef jean懷克里夫金 - million voices百萬同聲(盧安達飯店原聲)

    Babyface ft. desree - fire

    Dido蒂朵-White Flag

    Fergie妃姬 -big girls don't cry

    Five for fighting掙脫 - superman(it's not easy)超人(做自己不容易)

    Golden state - All roads lead home (The surrender song)上帝在我家原聲

    2009-05-25 11:40:11 補充:

    Hoobastank好把戲 -More Than A Memory不只是回憶

    Jagged edge鋸齒邊緣 - all out of love(神鬼拍檔原聲)

    James Blunt詹姆士布朗特 -Tears and Rain

    jason mraz傑森瑪耶茲- details in the fabric (feat. james morrison詹姆斯莫里森)

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers-this time(把愛找回來原聲)

    2009-05-25 11:40:27 補充:

    kings of convenience 好自在- i'd rather dance with you寧願和你共舞

    Limp bizkit 林普巴茲提特- behind blue eyes憂鬱藍眼睛

    Limp bizkit 林普巴茲提特 -Home Sweet Home甜蜜的家

    Metallica 金屬製品 - nothing else matters

    pilot speed - alright(非法制裁原聲)

    Shinedown-Simple Man

    Snow Patrol 雪警- Run

    2009-05-25 11:40:40 補充:

    Sophie Zelmani-oh dear

    stars繁星 - the calendar girl

    stereophonics立體音響-maybe tomorrow

    the cranberries 小紅莓- Linger

    the feeling感覺 - strange

    the feeling感覺-sewn

    the fray 瑕疵- over my head

    the fray 瑕疵- how to safe a life

    the servant - liquefy

    Sia 希雅- Sunday

    Sia 希雅 - Breathe Me

    The Alexandria Quartet - Somewhere

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    1 decade ago

    Dido / 蒂朵 Don't Belive In Love,White Flag , Quiet Times

    Emmy Rossum - Slow Me Down (聽起來很舒服)

    Emmy Rossum - Falling

    JohnMayer - Say


    Kylie Minogue-In My Arm

    Sara Bareilles - Love Song

    Jason Marz -Wordplay

    Jason Marz - Im_Yours

    Jason Marz-The Remedy

    Colbie Caillat-Bubbly

    Jason Marz - Geek In The Pink

    Jason Marz-You and I Both

    2009-05-27 10:38:02 補充:

    Jewel 的 Stand

    蓮兒與琅璫六便士 - Kiss Me

    M2M -Pretty Boy

    珍妮佛羅培茲 - Let's Get Loud (世足賽 的指定歌曲 好熱血壓)

    Jem - It's Amazing

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  • 1 decade ago

    Samantha Jade - Turn Around



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    如果你聽到不會想睡覺的話= =

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