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Cyst or wart? Please help.?

I think I may have some sort of anal cyst or wart? I have an appointment with my gyno in a month & I am scared to death! I am so afraid to even ask my doctor.

My x boyfriend who I dated for 4 years was the only guy I had ever had sex with. He had parters before me. After about 2 years in the relationship I found out I had contracted the HPV virus - which he had no clue even what it was. After a year & a half I finally had a clear pap smear with minor surgeries & treatment... Somehow my x talked me into trying anal sex. I'm so embarressed! So ashamed.

For about a year now I have had a tiny tiny white pimple-like bump right below my anus. I never noticed for so long because you never see that area... But now I know it is something. It doesn't hurt or anything it's just there. I am SURE it is because we had anal sex & he was a carrier of the HPV disease.

Do gynocologists even treat something like this? I am on my parents' insurance so they will FLIP if I have to see another type of Doctor!! I could never live with myself if my mother knew I had anal sex... Please help!! What do I do about this?? Am I going to be told I have anal cancer or something when I see my Doctor???

Why is it that those who have sex with many partners don't contract a disease but then someone like me - the first guy, the first time I ever had sex I contracted HPV. It has been the most stressful, painful time in my life. I just want it all GONE so I can move on with my life.

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    dont worry so much! it looks like wart!

    remember -

    you can remove genital warts by surgery, freezing, laser, acid or cream but genital warts can reappear again and again because genital warts appears when your immune system is weak!

    HPV is the virus that causes genital warts. People can be infected with HPV and never show any symptoms. Others will develop genital warts. These warts can stay the same size, grow, or go away on their own. It largely depends on the infected person's immune system. A healthy immune system means your body may be able to suppress the virus and not show symptoms.

    Even after the warts go away, the person will always remain infected with HPV. That person can spread the virus even without showing symptoms.

    so you must build up your immune system because your body can get rid of genital warts by itself if your immune system will be strong! so eat more healthy food, more vitamins and more sport activities! (No smoking, no beer/ale, no booze, no drugs, no junk food, no fast food garbage, no sugary sweet soda's. Get on a good, balanced, healthy diet including plenty of boiled or steamed vegetables. Drink P L E N T Y O F W A T E R , fruit juices & fat free milk. Snack on lots of RAW fruit & veggies. Get up one hour early every morning & take a BRISK 30 minute walk - then - do the same thing again in the evening after dinner. Make sure you eat a good, balanced breakfast daily. You get your energy for the day from your breakfast meal. Get 8 hours sleep each night. Flip your mattress over so it will level out to give you a good night's rest. Slack off too much coffee & tea)

    also you should use herbal treatment!

    in that case Wartrol is a good (probably the best) product that gets rid of genital warts comparatively fast and makes you feel more confident knowing that they wont reappear again! It works by stimulating your immune system to fight the HPV virus that causes the warts. of course it is better if you use full course (5 months - if I remember correctly).

    It worked and still works for me!

    I do not know if any pharmacies carry Wartrol but I do know that you should purchase it directly from the manufacturer and read more about the product here

    good luck!

    Working in women's health + personal experience

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    This is a wart, it should be able to be removed just the same as your genital warts. they might want to test for anal cancer, but other than that their shouldn't be anything different. Plus genital warts can spread to anal warts, so your mom never has to know that you had anal sex. But I would definitely not do anything with this guy are so lucky that HPV rarely causes them symptoms..and they have no problem spreading the virus on to us women who easily get warts =/

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    I've had cysts on my underarms and you have to get them removed by a dermatologist. They can get infected under the skin, although I've one for years.

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    i had the same thing happen to me i know embaressing but it happens yes

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