What happens when you run at minimum system requirements?

For example, a graphics card needs 450W Minimum Watts. My power supply is exactly 450W. will the gfx card run at recommended speed or should I expect some faults?

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    You have to take into account how many watts your CPU consumes at full load, and what your graphics card is going to consume at full load. Also, all power supplies have a certain percentage of thermal efficiency. This means at full load (when your PS is hottest) it's only going to put out a certain percentage of its full rated power (ex. a 450w PS rated at 75% efficiency will only put out about 75% of its max at load). So in your case, I'd be willing to bet when you're really gaming hard and heating up your chips, your power supply is going to fall short and you'll have crashes or freezes. I'd recommend at least a 500w power supply, even 550 to be safe.

  • Bjorn
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    1 decade ago

    That all depends on what you currently have installed inside your computer.

    450W is the reccommended wattage, but you can run those cards on 250W PSU's if they are high quality and you don't have a lot of other devices installed inside your computer.

    Your total power consumption is what dictates the size of your PSU. If you have just a motherboard, cpu, a few ram sticks, one hard drive and a video card; you will be just fine.

    But if you have like 6 hard drives, a sound card, network card, IDE and SATA controller cards, 2 DVDRW drives, and 4 sticks of ram; you are going to have issues because you are overloading the PSU.

    Use this calculator to determine your current power usage, then make sure you are using a PSU with at least a 30% overhead.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Expect faults. Why? You need to factor in the other power requirements for the other hardware on you computer. CPU, sound card, etc--they all need power too.

  • 1 decade ago

    you should be on the safe side and use more powerfull PSU to avoid damaging your card..

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