Is watching lesbian videos on youtube sin?

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The people in the videos are not nude. Sin? I want an answer from a Christian view.
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  • Noah answered 5 years ago
I am Christian. God hates when people are not in a man-woman relationship. This is a tough one because your not doing it your just watching. I would stop immediately though just to be safe. Maybe it is a sin because maybe those people don't know about god and your just sitting there watching a sin being made and not doing anything about it. I suggest just to stop just to be safe. and maybe message them to tell them that if they continue to do this they will go to hell. Sorry just telling the truth.


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Thank you. I have thought it to be sin, but I wasn't sure. Thanks and God bless.
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  • ? answered 5 years ago
    Hey, I'm John. I'm a roman catholic and i think it is sin to watch such videos because they might lead to more craving of those things. Such interests could damage you in some way, like instead of being productive, you just waste your time watching those things and raging up your hormones, which could lead to more sin...
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