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Watch mayweather jr Interview by ESPN News?

Here is the video of Mayweather Jr Interview By ESPN News

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    I wish they would have had Brian Kenny interview him, he knows a lot more about boxing and could have asked a lot better questions. I agree with the guy above me in that I don't like that everyone is overlooking Marquez but Mayweather still isn't as big money wise as De La Hoya was and regardless if Mayweather wins this fight (unless by an early round KO) I think Manny will still be the number one P4P boxer. If Marquez wins convincingly however there may be a little bit of dispute about who is number one just because of the close matches MArquez and Pacquiao had.

    Nice link thanks I wanted to catch that and see what he had to say but Bill Curtis beat me to the internet lol :)

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    There is only 1 reason why Mayweather unretired. To fight Pacman. Just look at the timing of when he announced his "unretirement", it was during Pacman's big fight against Hatton.

    I am sure that it will be Manny and his camp calling the shots. This is the only time in Mayweather's career that he won't be able to demand anything. Pacman is the only reason he came back to boxing! We all know this. When he retired he said he doesn't have anything to prove anymore (of course for almost everyone, he still has a lot to prove). Now he comes back and ate his own words. Why else would he risk his undefeated record and come back? 3 words... Manny PACMAN Pacquiao. He knows that without fighting and defeating Manny, his name would be always be second best to the great Pacman.

    This time around, Manny is the draw not Mayweather. I mean, go figure, Manny can fight whoever he wants now and still get mega bucks whoever the opponent is. For Mayweather, the only fight that matters right now and the only one that would give him mega bucks is a fight with Pacman. It is a fact that people pay to see Manny not Mayweather coz Pacman is exciting for boxing and May is boring. That is the plain and simple truth.

    Pac has already overshadowed all of Mayweather's achievements. Manny Pacquiao has already won 6 titles in 6 weight divisions and 4 linear titles in 4 different divisions as well. Mayweather is 1 short of everything. Mayweather hasn't taken any risks in all his fights and only chooses who he fights. He has ducked everyone who has any chance of beating him. That is why he will never be an all time great.

    Pac will destroy Mayweather. Mayweather hasn't fought anyone as talented, powerful and as fast as Manny. He can defend and run as long as he wants but Manny with his great speed, footwork and punch output will eventually take toll on Floyd's defensive skill no matter how good it is. Like what Joe Louis once said "He can run, but he can't hide" when you fight the Pacman.

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    Yikes, the nerve of Mayweather Jr., just like his old man, such a waggly tongue. Let's hope he can walk the walk because boy can he talk the talk. Tsk, tsk, someone should remind that clan that actions speak louder than words.

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    mayweather has lost my respect because instead of coming back to fight the best fighters of his weight class (welterweght 147lbs), hes fighting the best lightweight(135lbs) fighter. while marquez is no pushover its hard for me to consider floyd a feasrless champion because he wont fight any true elite welterweight(mosley, cotto, clottey, pacquiao, berto).

    thats why when people talk about ali, maciano, louis, leonard, and robinson, mayweathers name will never come up because those guys fought the best of their weight division and they did not duck or dodge anybody. mosley has been calling mayweather out for 5 years, floyds been dodging margarito for 2 years, and he doesnt want to fight cotto. and if paul williams decides to come back down to welterweight he's not gonna want to fight him either. mayweather said in an interview that he doesnt fight for bragging rights he fights for that green, in boxing its understandable to go for the big money fights but for your pride why wont you fight the best of the best of your weightclass?????

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    i watched this one a couple of days ago. what nerve do they have why is every body over looking marquez. Mayweather is undeafed the even thought of him coming out of retirement automatically puts him back #1 and the p4p champ.

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    that fool reporter seemed to think manny was undefeated!!

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