how do i convince my parents to buy american eagle, aeropostale, hollister, or abercrombie and fitch?

my parents are soooooo cheap. i am entering high school and i only have a couple of nike shirts and one adidas shirt. but nowadays the trends are in the brand names mentioned above. And i'm not allowed to go to malls, and i am also super scared of asking my parents because they always relate my needs to how they needed stuff when they were children, like "when i was small, i wouldn't ask my parents to buy brand name clothes", and also they would compare me to my cousins, my cousin sister is also 13 and she never wears brand name cuz people in her school are ghetto, i live in a rich area.

do you have any advice on how to ask my parents or get the brand name clothes myself?

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    haha. that's how my parents were, kinda. they didn't like those brands cause they were "expensive". i say point at the sales signs and just walk on in yourself.

    or go to forever 21. they have pretty decent prices, and that's like my parent's favorite place to shop.

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    Don't bother with any of those stores.

    The only thing I used any of them for is tank tops.

    You'll get into high school and realize that those brands, everyone has them, and thats not a great thing.

    Do you want to blend in? Walk down the hall and see 5 people with the same shirt as you?

    You don't have to buy nike and adidas stuff, but you can find other completely random places that will put together a nice outfit without a brand name across it.

    And if you don't like this.

    Buy it yourself or try to strike a deal with your parents.

    Birthdays and Christmas also work.

    Ask your parents if they are willing to get you a first day of school outfit. You might be surprised.

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    No way. Everything is the same. Even online! But I would go to Aeropostale and American Eagle. They're cheaper than A & F or Hollister.

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    I totally agree with the first person. Don't tell your parents it's the brand you're interested in. And also, some of those stores have relatively inexpensive clothes. Just start out simple and ask your parents if you can check out the clearance rack. Trust me, everything goes on clearance eventually, and you'll get the same clothes you want AND your parents will be happy.

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    eh, why Aero, Hollister, AE, or AF?

    You could buy some other things, they dont have to be brand named, even if they are 'in teh trend'. Its so... poserish. You could as well live with it, my stupid parents go like "No hottopic or Pacsun anymore!!" (A cash register pimp scared them off -.-'' gah.)

    But if you dont want to:

    You could go to... *shudder shudder* thrift stores.

    You could also go buy them when they are on sale. T-shirts are like 2 for $10 at aero then, and every on-sale thing there is around $20 or less in my area.

    Actually BUY them when they arent there, and then show them the tag to convince them of the cheapness. (ohhh, risky, risky)

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    Yes, it's easy, stop being one of the sheep and needing to follow your friends and learn to understand that money doesn't grow on trees. It's not your parents responsibility to cloth you in the latest designer clothes. When you're earning your own money, you can buy what you want.

    Also stop being so judgemental. You live in a rich area and you're cousin is "ghetto". What you are is a spoilt brat who appears to have no real values and places more importance on show than real character values. Plus, you live in a rich area, there are lots of rich folk who don't deserve a single cent of their money. I think you may grow up to be one of them.

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    i went through the same thing at my school i live in a really rich area but i seriously shop at ross dress for less they have alot of sweet clothes for cheap and then all my friends started goin there with me and now most of the guys at my school just shop there

    dont follow everyone else start your own trend

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    Don't point out that they're name brand. There's no reason for it, since the clothes are reasonably cheap as is, and right now, they're all having sales. Just steer them in those directions, stating that this is the style you're looking for.

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    To be honest, you can actually wear cheaper clothes and still look nice. Yes, I know that American Eagle & Abercrombie & all that is popular but its also very pricey...but brands aren't that important. Check out like Target, Old Navy, TJ Maxx, Ross, JCPenney...they all have cute clothing and its not that pricey.

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    haha umm just walk into thosee kind of storess when you do go shopping and explain your point of view to your parentss

    and all of these stores have a clearance section so tell your parents about that they cant not let you buy clothes that you want and like maybe you can find a job and earn your own money or you can alwayss usee birthday money

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    Duuuude! You can totally look onine for whatever brand you desire. I would start with eBay. Goodwill and other thrift stores have so many cool findings (I know they sound-and look- totally gnarly but you'll be surprised). Also Platos Closet or Planet/Clothing/Buffalo Xchange-depending on where you live. Hope that helps! =)

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