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Who can I call about a possible serial killer?

I'm a 25 yr old female DJ. For the past week, I've been getting calls (from a restricted number) in response to a craigslist ad I had posted (in which I was seeking a disc jockey position in NYC. it had links to my myspace page.)

The first time he called, it was a restricted # and he said his name was Dave and that he was the owner of a bar called "Forum" in Soho. I declined the offer, because I did a web search and yellow pages search, and found no such bar.

Two days later I got two missed calls from "RESTRICTED" and on the third I answered. It was him again---this time using the name "Alex" and slightly disguising his voice---he claimed to be the head manager at Buddha Bar in Manhattan, and wanted to "meet up somewhere" to discuss the possibility of DJing for the bar. I just had this bad feeling, like this guy wanted to rape, torture and murder me. So I said "This is a bad time. How about I call you back at Buddha Bar tonight?" He abruptly and sternly said "No no no. It would be better for me if I could call yoooou back. I umm---Its hard to get ahold of me there when its busy. And uhhh----my uhhh----my cell phone is running out of batteries."

I hung up and called Buddha Bar immediately. They have no manager named Alex and they are not seeking a disc jockey.


Is there a way to find out what the phone number he called from was?


Duh, I know to call the cops...I should have clarified: Is there a way my phone company can go back into the records of my received calls and un-block the restricted number to find out who has been calling? I doubt he'll call again, seeing as I hung up on him last time. But I want to make sure he doesn't try and lure anyone else in.

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    Aside from the other answers, some of whom are spot on, you seem to be a very bright girl.

    The next time he contacts you, call the police. They can trace his phone number and find out what he's up to -- which sounds like no good.

    I don't know you, but I hope you will do everything posible to protect yourself from this guy, who sounds like a pervert.

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    He is obviously some sort of freak wanting to get you alone, or even just talk on the phone, why not just write down the details, and inform the police of your suspicions.

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    Talk to the police.

    Vary your routine each day. Avoid coming home at the same time.

    Get a case number from the police and follow up once a day with them.

  • Get a hold of law enforcement immediately.

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    Get the police involved.

    He sounds unbalanced.

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    Definitely call the police on this one.

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    Uh, yeah...the cops???

    And, this is a good reason why you don't POST your number on Craigslist.

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    Your first mistake is answering restricted callers.

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    Call the Cops.

    How do you know he's a "serial killer"?

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    call the cops.

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