Teen traveling to Mexico City?

My 17 yo daughter & her friend are traveling to Mexico City this summer, besides registering at the US Embassy, how else should we prepare? Positive input only.

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    She is not going to Mexico alone unless her friend is adult

    It is complcated but the short of the matter is she will have to be 18.

    She can NOT travel as an adult .Where do they draw theline you ask..For examlple can you sen a 12 , 13 ,14 year old into Mexico .The line is drawn at 18

    Ifshe get permisson from both parents notorized, your child may board the plane ans he or she must have an adult waiting at the airport in Mexico

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    Since they are minors i suggest to get a travel insurance.

    Parents must to sing a letter where you allow your kids to travel-

    Learn/bring a spanish-english dictionary

    Get the taxi inside the airport (its more expensive but safer)

    Bring passport (MANDATORY)

    Have address and phone of the place they will stay

    Exchange some money upon arrival.

    Source(s): I am mexican, if you have specific questions write me at lci.fuentes@hotmail.com. They will have so much fun!
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    my 17 year old daughter just passed 2 days ago......i allowed her to go but no written permission.you might want her to travel with a mexican citizen just for safety,and prepare for her to be hit on especially if she is pretty.maybe have her check in 2 times daily too

    Source(s): experience
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