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Since 1900, how many Major League baseball games have been played, including post-season?

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    Let's find out.

    NL 1900-2008 == 172062

    NL 2009 (thru 21-May) == 648

    AL 1900 == zero

    AL 1901-2008 == 172646

    AL 2009 (thru 21-May) == 574

    NL total == 172730

    AL total == 173220

    MLB total == 345950

    Looks strange, doesn't it? The NL has one additional season of play (in the requested window) and has more teams, 16 to 14. But, the AL was the larger league for a number of seasons (1961, 10 v. 8, and 1977-92, 14 v. 12; the NL only grew larger in 1998, 16 v. 14). So the AL still holds a slight edge in total games played, though that won't last much longer.

    But there's a catch. These numbers, courtesy of BaseballReference.com and some futzing around with a market popular spreadsheet app, are team games, not championship games. Each team, in modern times, is scheduled to play 162 games; with 30 franchises, that works out to 4860 games. But not that many are played -- 2430 (or so) are, because there's two teams per game. This bookkeeping doesn't take that into account, so we divide by two.

    MLB competition games == 345950 / 2 == 172975. And that includes wins, losses, and the occasional tie -- everything considered official games in championship play.

    Postseason? Much simpler.

    Division Series (1981, 1995-2008) == 233 games

    Championship Series (1969-93, 1995-2008) == 392

    World Series (1903, '05-93, 1995-2008) == 603 + 3 (tie games, long ago)

    Postseason == 1231 games.

    Now go bore your friends with this holiday weekend nugget o' data.

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    Mlb Total Games

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    I couldn't find it, but since the National League formed in 1876, the MLB has seen 386,758 games played (I'm laughing at the first answer).

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    All of them! ;-)

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