Are gun ownership laws slowly being abolished?

what about the second amendment?


If your so sure im wrong, then why does it keep getting harder to find and buy ammunition?

read this

'1994 to 2001 - Obama was on the board of the anti-gun Joyce Foundation. This foundation is the largest funding source for radical anti-gun groups in the country.

* 1996 - Obama supported a ban on the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns.

* 1999 - Obama proposed a 500 percent increase in the excise taxes on firearms and ammunition. This tax would effectively punish gun owners for buying guns and ammunition.

* 2003 - Obama voted in support of legislation that would have banned privately owned hunting shotguns, target rifles and black powder rifles in Illinois.

* 2004 - Obama voted against legislation to protect homeowners from prosecution in cases where they used a firearm to halt a home invasion.

Do we need to even bring up rahm emanuel? He was also a state rep in IL until Obama appointed him as Chief of Staff. He has a F rating by the NRA for his duties in IL.

Update 2:

Its funny to see all of you who were SO FAST to tell me EXACTLY everything the Gov has been trying to do to make people like me think that it actually is laxing. Its not. Guns are more expensive than ever.

Kissinger was quoted saying that all americans would be disarmed by October THIS year.

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    This administration is chock full of gun-hating opportunists. While they know they can't win a frontal assault on gun rights, they will seize every opportunity to chip away at the edges until they accomplish a ban in effect. We must remain vigilant.

  • Rachel
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    4 years ago

    I'm not gay but I do support the organization PINK PISTOLS, which is the major gay gun owners group. Some facts need to be stated up front. First, our courts have ruled multiple times that the police are not obligated to protect individuals. This even applies to police who see crimes happen, they are not legally bound to stop the crime! Second, those of us who live in rural areas have police response times that often are close to an hour. At one point we waited 45 minutes for the local sheriff to show up to answer an emergency alarm call and all they did was fly over the house with a helicopter, when I stood out in the drive they waved and flew away . . . HOW DID THEY KNOW I WAS EVEN THE HOMEOWNER??? Third, even in suburban and urban areas the response time is typically 5 to 15 minutes. If you think that is quick enough then I'd be happy to beat you with a baseball bat for 5 minutes while we both wait for the police. They are overwhelmed. They cannot be there during your emergency. Fourth, there have been several credible studies that show that guns are use MORE OFTEN to deter crime than to commit it. Often the armed victim never even has to fire a single shot, just showing the weapon will stop the criminal. Fifth, rifles of all kinds (including so-called assault weapons) are used in less than 2% of all crimes so they are statistically insignificant in crime data. Further, AR15 rifles are the most popular long arms sold (and have been for several years) making up more than 50% of all long arm sales. They are the most popular sporting arms among civilians. IF they were a problem then we'd see a lot more of them used by criminals but in fact they are becoming a very common HOME DEFENSE gun because they are so easy to use, they have minimal recoil, and the small bullets actually penetrate through LESS wall material than common handgun bullets . . . which makes them safer to use in the home.

  • I am interested in this also. My boyfriend is an avid hunter and he is freaked out about Obama's ideas on gun control. Just a few weeks ago at a gun show in Mid-Michigan, there was like no turn out because everything is so expensive because everyone is buying everything out. They are worried about Obama's ideas...I'm curious to see what people say here.

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    No! In fact the Supreme Court recently strengthened the right of an individual to own firearms when it determined that the 2nd amendment was an individual right not a collective one..

    Gun control legislation has ground to a halt.

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    The Fred: That was the way it always had been until Bill Clinton signed a law changing it. They are just getting around to fixing that mistake now.

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    No. Unless you can link to an article where the U.S. government has legislation in the works to limit gun ownership.

    You may want to take a break from conservative talk radio, though. That's stuff is like cheap chocolate - teeth rotting and headache inducing.

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    Are you kidding me? Congress just passed a bill that had a rider in it, you can now bring a concealed gun into national parks.

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    No what is happening is you can't get the ammunition anymore. If you do find it ? Its so expensive. No bullets' no need for guns. Thank your government for shipping all surplus Ammo over seas.

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    You don't need to worry about laws on the books, when you have Judges in your pocket.

    The Constitution only says what the Supreme Court says it does.

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    Pretty soon, we won't even be able to by a nerf gun.

    Obama is working on completely restricting all fire-arms.

    It's a democrat thing....thy don't like us being able to hunt our own food or keep our homes safe.

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