Since Cheney is in favor of making CIA-related documents available...?

...will he also want to release documents related to the outing of Valarie Plame and the collapse of the only successfully covert CIA operation in Iran monitoring their nuclear ambitions... (Brewster Jennings Inc.)?

His chief of staff has already been convicted of obstruction of justice and didn't do the time given to him because of grace from W. Bush.

Or is this just supposed to be a one-sided conversation about how Cheney thinks he kept us safe?


Saying that Armitage acted alone as the source to Novak and Woodward is like saying that prisoner treatment at Abu Gareb was the idea of two "bad apple" soldiers. Do you honestly think that Cheney ran such a loose ship?

The answer Cheney may not want to disclose is why he took such a special interest in one particular CIA asset... Where are the documents? Where are the communications? What was the direction? Come on Dick, let's have an honest evaluation of whether you had a net benefit to the security of this nation!

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    What document? Do you have any proof about the Covert monitoring in Iran that Cheney caused to collapse. Where are your link to the Huffinton Post. I suppose Haliburton told him they were going to sell Iran supplies so that is why he did it, right.

    The congress held hearing and their was a Special prosecutor regarding the great covert operative Valarie Plame.

    Cheney is not making policy now Obama is, someone has to point out the stupidity of those policies!

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    What does Cheney get out of this?

    He doesn't need money, he has no aspirations of being Pres, if ..mind you if ...he was required to do time on a mocked up charge, he would do it in a heart beat.. again because of his commitment to the USA. Knowing that he has done the right thing over and over during his time with the Government..his total manifest is his Patriotism to the USA.

    Having said that Pelousi's reasons are CYA, she can't even remember her own lies.

    Obama's resaons are CYA, he has to protect his Adonis image.

    And the safe issues are, Bush and Cheney kept us safe for 7 years, the people in L.A. are alive and well... for now, lets see how well obama/pelousi/reid and unc teddy do. Al Queda will strike again and now that obama has apologized for our so-called inadequacies and given our secrets away, the next attack will be a "grand slam" . Most likely by the very ******* he plans on releasing from Qitmo.

    Planes wasn't a covert operative at the time info was released, she was at best.... a newsboy, regurgitating info to the feds. These people (obama,reid,pelousi,teddy,planes and the like) are seeking their own glory, not that of America.


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    Torture is a crime under the 1984 UN Convention Against Torture.

    Cheney has already implicated himself.

    I would not want to be any of the high up Bush Administration staff who set up and approved of " enhanced interrogations " .

    They are all targets of inquirey and may be subject to arrest in a few months.

    Cheney is a person who destroys memos and documents, You serioulsy think he wants to release any accurate and correct documents?

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    Hyper-partisan Hissy Fit Alert!

    All of us who are not suffering from "optical anal inversion" know that Richard Armitage was the "leaker" and that Patrick Fitzgerald (or was Gerald Fitzpatrick?) knew this from the beginning, which prompts the question, what was he really investigating?

    Even Inspector Clouseau could realize when he solved the case!

    Maybe you should wait a little longer before you try to revise history. Some people still remember the truth...

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    Richard Armistead leaked the name of Plame and kept silent through the entire process.

    Scooter Libby was tripped up by a panel of lawyers on a witch hunt and should have been fully pardoned,

    Richard Armistead works for Obama now.

    And Cheney did keep us safe and Obama has no plan, Recklessness disguised and righteousness was a perfect description.

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    Here are some links >


    Valerie Plame, the Spy Who Got Shoved Out Into the Cold

    What's ahead for Valerie Plame? ... CIA operative Valerie Plame and her husband, Joseph Wilson, posed for Vanity ... leak of Valerie Plame's identity to the - 70k - Cached

    The Plame Investigation - Washington Post

    Ongoing and archived coverage of the fallout from the leak of the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame. Includes news, analysis, profiles of key players, and - 88k - Cached

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    Pertinent and relevant documents to the central issue should be required. Witch hunts need to stop as they are a distraction and waste valuable time, money, and energy.

    Pelosi should apologize, and this whole issue should be dropped. You don't investigate every policy you disagree with from the previous administration. This opens the door to Pres. Clinton's rendition policy, which is by far worse than Bush's enhanced interrogation. Many of our military men and women endure far worse than enhanced interrogation. The whining needs to stop, and lets get on with the business of working on real issues vital to this country's welfare.

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    there was an after action report dealing with the exposing of Brewster Jennings and our covert assets, but they wont make it public

    it would be interesting to see how many people working with the CIA were killed due to Cheney's petty retaliation against Wilson

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    Richard Armitage is the admittied leaker in the Valerie Plame case.

    Listen Einstein, Cheney's point is Obama is playing politics with our national safety. Continuously trashing the policy which kept us safe, labeling it 'torture' and selectively declassifying info on the methods they used to keep us safe. All the while hiding the documentation on the results. Mr. Transparency is anything but transparent. And you can't argue that point. Obama is a phony, a fraud, a liar and a charlatan.

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    Better yet why doesn't he request all the pre-911 CIA warnings received from foreign intelligence services be released.

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