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Someone tapped into my wireless network illegally?

My broadband usage for the last month shows unauthorised usage of my broadband wireless conection. Consequently my service provider's bill soared into the high skies!! How can I know who used it illegally? How can I prevent it from happening in the future? Is it possible to track any illegal or new user while in the act or even after? Any good software for this?

By the way, it was a secured network with a password, still it happened. Is remote logging possible, if someone knows my account ID and password?

Thanks for your help.

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    Your network is visible to anyone up to 150 feet in any direction. If you apply the following techniques then it will make your WLAN network difficult and annoying to hack into and hence will make it more secure.

    1) Change the default password of your router.

    2) Make your password a non-dictionary word with alphanumeric characters which cannot be easily guessed.

    3) Disable broadcasting your router name (SSID).

    4) Turn off your wireless router when you are not using it.

    Source(s): Information extracted from a post by Paul Hochman on MSN Tech & Gadgets Blog.
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    change your password frequently.....

    its very easy to get others broadband username and password on unsecure network.

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