How many home runs will the AL and NL home run leaders have at the end of the season?

Also, who will be the A.L. and N.L. leaders at the end of the season?

Home runs seem to be up again this season. I don't know if it is because of quality hitting or poor pitching, but the power numbers are better so far.

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    1 decade ago
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    Pujols- 49

    Howard- 45

    Gonzalez- 43

    Beltran- 40

    Ibanez- 38


    Pena- 48

    Morneu- 44

    Bay- 43

    Dye- 38

    Tex- 36

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    1 decade ago


    Justin Morneau-43

    Carlos Pena- 42

    Evan Longoria- 39

    Miguel Cabrera-38


    Albert Pujols:51

    Adrian Gonzalez: 48

    Carlos Lee: 45

    David Wright-37

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    My best guess at the leaders...

    In the NL,

    A. Pujols - 47

    R. Braun - 43

    R. Howard - 41

    A. Gonzalez - 41 (Amazing with half his games at Petco & no lineup protection. Why are they still pitching to him?!)

    In the AL,

    C. Pena - 44

    M. Teixeira - 43

    M. Cabrera - 40

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    raul ibanez! over 60

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