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1 Environmental Protection in HK

2 The pros and cons of using credit cards

3 Drug addiction in HK

4Teenage sex

作1~2 題都可以,,但必要200字


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    Environmental Protection in HK呢題可唔可以講Mangrove 嫁?

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    Drug addiction in HK

    Drug abuse is rife in different countries around the world even though in a small city like Hong Kong. Billions of dollars are spent every year to prevent drug using, help addicts and fight crimes related to drugs. Drug abuse causes multiple problems in Hong Kong and we would bend with this heavy burden on our backs if we do not enforce some preventing measures.

    Narcotic charges are one of the teenager problems. Some teenagers found that narcotic charges would help them earn money faster. Thus, they tried to do it even though they know that it is illegal. This causes more and more teenagers are becoming drug users. More police resources are needed to fight drug insider dealing and drug using problems.

    The problem is more serious in Tin Shui Wai. The people there are not living in good conditions. The district is notorious for its very high number of unsanitary conditions, high rate of crimes and narcotic charges. It is quite hard to manage because many people do insider drugs dealing. People need to know more about the adverse effects of using drugs by holding exhibitions, showing the videos and some typical drugs to let them learn more.

    Some voluntary run organizations and government assessment centre were set up to help the addicts. For example, there are Hong Kong Christian Service Centre for Psychotropic Substance Abuses, Narcotics Division and The Society for the Aid and Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers. These charities would help them to rehabilitate and provide some means for them not to use it again. The government should sponsor the charities.

    Also, the menace of drugs can be fought by education. Children need to be told at home and at school about the medical and psychological effects drugs caused. People need to be aware of the effects thus they could avoid them. Moreover, some talks should be held in the public areas to enhance the knowledge of drugs of people. Family and counselors need to talk to children and people at risk.

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    In conclusion, drug using is just a momentary gratification to the people.

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    What the adverse effects are much more dangerous and it is not worth abusing.

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    Although the problems of drugs seem to be impossible to eliminate, there are many measures to reduce the number of drug crimes, to help addicts and prevent drugs adverse effects.

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    However, it needs to implement by us.

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    Grammar 果d未改 :<

    苦有時間改 , 我再 send 個 website 俾你!

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