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duty free &duty exemption的分別~

請問一下唷duty free &duty exemption的分別在哪呀~



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    duty free = 無稅的

    duty exemption = 課稅寬減額


    duty free 是肯定 100 % 是無稅的

    duty exemption 是課稅寬減額 ,可能要繳交部份稅款的


    This goods is duty free. ----這些貨物是免稅的

    This goods is granted duty exemption ----這些貨物可獲課稅寬減的

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    duty free & duty exemption

    >> 應該都是免(關)稅意思; 也就是說如果一件物品在經過海關時被印上這兩個字時都是免稅的意思

    但如果用在所得稅(Income Tax)時, income tax exemption為寬減額的意思也就是:

    a deduction allowed to a taxpayer because of his status (having certain dependents or being blind or being over 65 etc.); 例如納稅人如果有扶養其他人或是本身為瞎子或年齡超過65歲時得獲得減免部分所得稅;

    "additional exemptions are allowed for each dependent"

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