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Atheists: Do you identify with the person who wrote this response to Charlotte Allen's article about atheists?

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    Absolutely. We could expect the same response of outrage as the author suggests, were we to replace "atheists" with "gays and lesbians" and go on a rant detracting and deriding those populations.

    Of course the LA Times is wise enough not to print something like that. But atheists, they're fair game. Nothing wrong with using them as a punching bag.

    Source(s): Atheist who's rather fed up with the popular media
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    I identify with his very clever and relevant way of exposing Allen's drivel for the crap it is. All she was trying to do was take a pot shot at a general minority in America that it is still socially acceptable to be prejudiced against. A very cool response on his part.

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    I think atheists do a bad job of presenting their case to the general public. I don't like the 'angry atheist' stereotype, but it seems to attract attention from the media. A more logical atheist like me would never wind up on TV because I would be too logical and boring.


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    *clap clap* An excellent response.

    I'll tell you this much, an article like Allen's would have been labelled hate speech if it were directed at Christians. Not quite sure what the LA Times was trying to stir up when they published it.

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