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Did you enjoy the 70's?

I'm a 15 year old boy,I love the music,the clothes,the cars and all the music.I even collect disco wear.I swear I belong in this decade.For those of you who were,what was it like?

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    I was in college in the 70's, and while I enjoyed the decade, and many many good things happened during the decade, it was not a time of unmixed feelings.

    For starters, we had a little southeast Asia event called the Vietnam War going on. Any male who was of draft age during the 70's, prior to the time when the war ended, was very conscious that it was possible to be called up and sent away to a war. My brother was sweating bullets as he approached his 18th birthday in 1973. His birthday was in April, and thankfully for him Defense Secretary Melvin Laird ended the draft in January of 1973. You have to believe that there were a whole bunch of young men who were dancing in the streets over that!

    There was also the Watergate scandal and the end of the Nixon presidency during the 1970's. I believe this is something that you had to live through to really understand-- revelation after revelation leading to the final, awful understanding that the man behind the desk in the Oval Office of the White House had authorized the break and and the subsequent cover-up, and the great fear over what chaos might follow when Nixon resigned. I don't know if you read the comic strip "Doonesbury" now; the comic strip in the 1970's while the Watergate scandal was going on was very, very different in tone. Gary Trudeau justifiably won the Pulitzer Prize for the "Stonewall" strip:

    It was also a time when great strides were being made in civil rights for women and minorities. It may surprise you to know that before the decade of the 1970's, women were not admitted as underclassmen to many universities, among them the Ivy League colleges; that many professions were effectively closed to women and blacks; and that a lot of the rights that were won involved hard-fought battles in the courts and literally on the streets.

    The 1970's saw a lot of demonstrations and civil disobedience by groups striving for equal treatment under the law. The early part of the 70's were particularly rough.

    Yes, it was a good time for music, although I'll give disco a pass, thank you very much. Led Zeppelin was one of the top bands, Pink Floyd, the Stones, David Bowie. It was also the time of The Carpenters, Bob Denver, Olivia Newton-John, and many forgettable pop standards.

    In the 70's we had our first gas shortage, with gas rationing-- seriously-- in many locations. Fill up on odd or even days only! We spent a year on daylight savings time here in California in an attempt to alleviate the energy crisis. And we had a recession going on then too. Like many of today's grads, my husband stayed in college to get an advanced degree because he couldn't find a job with an engineering degree when he graduated in 1971.

    It was a time that was heady with freedom and scarey with danger. It was at once care-free and bacchanalian, at the same time filled with social responsiblity. Good times and bad. Not a bad time to be alive, and if I had to pick an era in which to "come of age," I think I'd pick the 70's no matter what.

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    i dont remember much of the 70s. I was growing out of early childhood. I was a toddler lol.

    I loved the 80s

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    It was the same to us as the 2000's are to you now. (Except for the Bicentennial. That rocked.)

    It was Today. It was the world we knew, and the world we thought we would inherit. Turns out it was the *next* decade we inherited, and it was vastly different than we expected...

    But that's true for every generation. ; )

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    yes i enjoyed the 70 music beegees were one of my favorites

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    yeah. i collect hippy spit from soldiers

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