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My pet snake is on the loose in my house?

My pet snake (which is poisonous) was able to escape from its cage and now it is loose. It is about 10 inches long and is hiding somewhere. I not sure what to do and I need to get it back in its cage before my parents come home!

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    First of all, don't you feel stupid for not having his cage locked tight to prevent something like this from happening? It's kinda like keeping a vicious pit bull and a baby in the same room. There's not any room for "oopsy daisies". That being said, since he's tiny, you're gonna have a hell of a time finding him until he's right at your feet or in your face. You're gonna have to relentlessly and very carefully hunt and hunt for him until you find him. look anywhere and everywhere, especially small ,dark spaces, such as speakers , closets, low cupboards, dirty laundry, etc. Listen for any little noises tonight and have a flashlight ready so you can see where it's coming from. You might want to put a portable heater in your room to get him moving around so you can find him easier. I would definitely let your parents know, so they can have a heads up, because it's the "right thing to do". You'd feel terrible if one of them got bit in the middle of the night while they were sleeping, wouldn't you?

    One thing you could do, to make your parents not think you're NOT stupid, is to tell them that you didn't know it was poisonous and that you just now saw a picture of that breed on-line and realized it was a poisonous snake. I truly wish you luck. Hopefully you'll learn your lesson painlessly.

    Source(s): I had many snakes, including poisonous ones (Which were ALWAYS locked up to prevent a bad situation.)
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    Are you asking how to find the snake or just how to actually catch it? Make sure you keep main doors to the outside closed all the time, windows too. Then try turning off all your radiators except one, or basically making a 'hot spot' with the rest of the house being cold, and the snake will go toward the warm part. However a snake got lost in my college a few months ago and he didnt come back out for about 3 months, however he was in a room where insects are always about so he had a constant supply of food. If you havent found him in 2 weeks perhaps try calling up a local wildlife rescue or something similar that may be able to advise you better, however seeing as he's in your house its more than likely that you'll spot him eventually, and then its just a matter of confining him to an area. Good luck!! :)

  • Well first off you shouldn't have a venomous snake if you don't take the precautions to keep yourself and others safe. You also need to tell your parents and even your neighbors that there may be a venomous snake loose in the neighborhood.

    That being said, get a bag of flour and poor a line of it in front of every doorway so that if it passes that doorway you will know the area it is in and which direction it was heading.

    You could also try a "bait box" using mice and a warm area to catch it along with the flour idea.

    Source(s): reading articles and past experience with snakes
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    Call an expert or your local law enforcement ASAP.You need to get it caught right away.

    You are also going to have to face up for your mistake.To keep a venomous snake without the proper expertise or training is a disaster,like this,waiting to happen.You need to act before it does bite someone.

    Would you mind telling us what kind of snake it is and for heaven's sake,why were you keeping it.

    I know you are frightened and scared but you will learn a valuable lesson.

    Next time try something a little less harmless.Thee are plenty out there.

    Good luck to you and remember to do the right thing.Making the wrong choice right now is not the right choice.

    Keep us up to date.


    Snake owner for over 25 yrs

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    Look in warm dark areas, if you could tell me what type of snake it is I could be more exact on where it may be hiding.

    Also you could try setting up a trap, get a heating pad and turn it on low and put it in a dark part of your room, crinkle it up so the snake can go underneath the pad. Check it every hour or so, oh be sure to wear thick leather gloves and work boots so it can't bite you.

    And one more thing, a mushroom is poisonous a snake is venomous.

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    wear clothing thats thick and covers your entire body (long sleeve shirt and jacket, sweats and jeans, and gloves, and boots if you have them) that way if it bites, hopefully the layers will protect you. get some mice, pinkys might be best since they cant go far, put them in a shoe box with a hole and put a heating pad under it. leave that out as a bait box and hopefully it will go for that, while waiting for that to show its results, look in every small, dark, tight, warm place. snakes like feeling secure and warm. you may need to even check behind and under couches and chairs, sometimes they can burrow up into couches from the bottom. also check drawers, carefully. our ball python got out after a feeding once( we were careless and left him in the box to eat and forgot about him) and he went strait into a drawer under the closet. if you find him, be sure to get a gage with a top that slides on from one side, that either has double plastic latches, or a pin lock ( zoo med makes a nice 20 gallon that has both.

    Source(s): personal experience
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    Hmmmm... mission impossible bud! If it is a venomous snake, you should not attempt to look for it yourself without some precations. Try contacting the police department for some help, in this case, it is better to get in trouble than to risk someone's life by hidding the problem from your parents. Hope you find it.

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    Look for a bug and leave it loose. Or go buy some mice leave it in a box and the snake will smell it and come to it. How big is your house? Or just look for it.

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    call some one to come get it so that you dont get bit and why the hell would you keep that kind of snake in your house which kind is it

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    bait may work but the best and probably the smartest thing to do is to call some kind of animal control best of luck tho!

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