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10 points best answer!!!!!!! easy ten points please read and answer thanks!?

hello so im making my account (i already have one but want to make another one) on youtube and i cant seem to come up with a good name. here are sum things that u shuld no about me so it will be easier for u to make a name for my account.

1. my whole name is: Alexandra Nicole Caughie (i go by Allie Caughie) (Caughie is pronounced Kayhe)

2. I like making random and weird vids.

3. Im of course a girl

4. I luvv animals

5. luvv making vids

I hope this helps for coming up with a name. If u need to no anything more juss email me on going to my profile and press email! Thanks!!!!!!!!!

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seriously please answer 10 points best answer and dont juss be like those ppl that read this and say this question looks uninteresting please please answer thanks!

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    Oh well, perhaps these shall help:

    1) Animal_Craze (Since it has the same initial as Allie Caughie)

    2) Caughie_Animallady

    I'm not so good at writing names but hope those two could give you some ideas.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Cough Drop

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That random allie girl lover of films and animals

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    Source(s): haha i made it up
  • Anonymous
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    DONT MAKE a channel if your description is "I LUV MAKING RANDOM AND WEIRD VIDS!111" thats what everyone does

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    since you like making crazy and wierd/random videos what about: KRAZY-A or somethin sassy like AC the AC(ur name allie caughie the adorable chic) !!!

    Hope u like them and I hope u give me those points ! please;)

  • Anonymous
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    (youtub doesn't allow spaces)

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