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Anonymous asked in SportsFootball (American) · 1 decade ago

Will Sam Bradford be considered the greatest college QB ever?

Roger Staubach, John Elway, and Peyton Manning are usually considered the best college QB's. I'll drop Staubach because he played in an era before so many rule changes helped the passing game.

As a freshman, Bradford blew away Elway's and Mannings stats. In fact he almost had the numbers of both combined.

As a sophomore, Bradford reset the bar for college QB play. 50 TD's (plus 5 more rushing)and 4,700 yards.

If Bradford continues at this pace, I think there will be no doubt about him being the best ever.

Do you agree? (Please no homer comments- be honest with yourself for a change)


Bradford's 50 TD's is a record for a major conference QB. 4,700 yards is just short of a record as is his passer rating.

Update 2:

Booblove-Bradford put up those numbers throwing downfield! he didn't dink and doink 5 yard passes like McCoy and Harrell.

Update 3:

ESPN's shameless hyping of Tebow is embarrasing. The real football fans no better. That is why Bradford won the Heisman despite ESPN's campaigning for Tebow.

Update 4:


You are the classic homer. You forgot that bradford is 2-0 in Big-12 Championship games. I guess Texas fans don't know much about that game since they NEVER play in it!

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    No doubt, Sam Bradford is a great college QB. He has one Heisman Trophy and can potentially win 2 more (if he comes back for his senior year after winning another in his junior year). His stats certainly make a good argument, as well. However, there are two major arguments going against him: hype and competition. I'm sorry to say, Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy are still playing at the same time. Tebow has a Heisman as well. Colt McCoy could win his this year. Tim Tebow has all the hype around him, though. I like Bradford, but he isn't reaching the same superstar status among his peers as Tebow is. Tebow is already being written as one of the greatest college football players of all-time. Not at his position, but at ANY position. If he wins another Heisman, people will cement him as the greatest college player ever. I disagree, but you can't really argue. Tebow also plays in the toughest conference in the nation (don't argue with me. Argue with the ESPN guys that said it). The defenses in the Big 12 aren't nearly as good as they are in the SEC. You saw Ole Miss shut down Texas Tech's pass-happy offense. Bradford had some success against Florida, but Florida's defense ultimately won out. I like Bradford. He'll be a better QB in the NFL than Tebow, but as far as being the greatest college QB ever, I have to say no. Not when people are already calling the Florida QB the greatest PLAYER of all-time.

    Felicia C: I agree. ESPN lobbied HARD for Tebow the last two years and it is sad. I'm an Auburn fan (Tebow has yet to defeat us, lmao) and I cannot stand the obsession with Tebow's mission trips when the entire BYU football team participates in the same things every single year. However, that hype is a type of brainwashing technique. It makes people believe he's the greatest of all-time. It works. Bradford doesn't have that.

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  • 4 years ago

    I think Sam Bradford will have a great NFL carrer, but he will not even be close to the greatest QB ever. That is already owned by Brett Favre, and close on his heels are Peyton Manning and as much as I hate to say it, Tom Brady.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    How many ncaa records does he have? nothing against him, but i actually dont know.

    Edit: Well I guess trying to find the greatest qb of all time, is much harder than finding an easy one like Jerry Rice being the greatest receiver. Even many nfl experts say determining the best qb of all time would be extremely difficult, so im guessing college is pretty much the same.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think it's ironic that you, of all people, are asking people not to be a homer!

    I think he is a good QB but, I don't have him as the GOAT. For starters, he hasn't won chit. Secondly, anyone can put up those kind of numbers in the Big 12 so, the stats don't really prove much. I'm kinda offended, as a Staubach fan, that you would put him in the same category as him.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Records or not, I still don't have him the same league as Manning. He has 1 or two years to prove me wrong.

    Bam Bam, as a Staubach fan, I dedicate my next question to you.

    Source(s): As a side note, Bradford has many more tools than White, but White was a special football player. I don't have him in that league just yet. Don't get me wrong, Sammy is much better, he just don't have quite the same IT factor. That could easily change this year, or next if he stays 2 years.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Homer.

    1-1 vs. Texas

    0-2 in Bowl Games

    I think he has a way to go to get to that "greatest" ever label.


    Enough Said!


    Edit: Glass houses? I don't count last years Big 12 title game, he shouldn't have been their. 58-40-5.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Other than completion percentage, and a few touchdowns-and I mean two or three- he wasn't better than Graham Harrell last year, So All time is a huge stretch.

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  • KING
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    possibly he 's really good and will be the first qb drafted next year over tebow and colt mccoy.

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