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If I am here in the United States with TPS (Temporary Protected Status) can I still apply to get a green card?

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    It depends on how you entered. A person can qualify for TPS whether they entered without inspection or they were admitted by a border officer. TPS status does not lead to permanent resident status, but some TPS people can become permanent residents if they somehow qualify.

    An individual may be eligible for TPS if he or she is a national of a country designated by the Attorney General for TPS, or if the individual is a person who has no nationality but last habitually resided in a designated country.

    Those who were inspected and admitted by a border officer and later applied for TPS can apply for adjustment of status. If you were not inspected and admitted or paroled into the U.S., you are not eligible to adjust status. You would need to apply for a visa outside the U.S., but you eventually could become a permanent resident.

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