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martynas d asked in TravelAir Travel · 1 decade ago

i need a very cheap airline ticket?

im going to Vilnus Lithuania over the summer i want to leave june 9 and come cack August 13 i need a very cheap flight ticket for $1000 or less please help i need it very cheap!! i live in Chicago illinois

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  • 1 decade ago
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    after doing a quick search of i found the following flights for $1121. I know its not cheap but if you try changing the dates it may help. but know that it is summer so any flights from the US to europe will be expensive.

    also if you fly to london then try some low fare carriers EasyJet or ryanair you might be able to get a great fare. also if you are willing to take a chance waiting til the day before you plan on leaving has yielded low fares for me.

    best of luck in your search

    heres what I found on kayak:

    Depart – Tue Jun 9 2009

    This flight leaves on Tuesday and arrives on Wednesday.


    Flight 5792

    Operated by American Airlines Departs: 5:40p

    O'Hare Inter­national (ORD) Arrives: 7:20a

    Manchester (MAN)

    Coach | Boeing 767-300 (Wide-body Jet) | 7h 40m

    Layover in Manchester, United Kingdom (MAN) for 3h 05m


    Flight 934 Departs: 10:25a

    Manchester (MAN) Arrives: 3:15p

    Helsinki- Vantaa (HEL)

    Coach | Embraer 190 (Narrow-body Jet) | 2h 50m

    Layover in Helsinki, Finland (HEL) for 1h 00m


    Flight 133 Departs: 4:15p

    Helsinki- Vantaa (HEL) Arrives: 5:30p

    Vilnius (VNO)

    Coach | Embraer 170 (Regional Jet ) | 1h 15m

    Return – Thu Aug 13 2009


    Flight 132 Departs: 11:30a

    Vilnius (VNO) Arrives: 12:40p

    Helsinki- Vantaa (HEL)

    Coach | Embraer 190 (Narrow-body Jet) | 1h 10m

    Layover in Helsinki, Finland (HEL) for 1h 30m


    Flight 5 Departs: 2:10p

    Helsinki- Vantaa (HEL) Arrives: 3:50p

    John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)

    Coach | Airbus A330-300 (Wide-body Jet) | 8h 40m

    Layover in New York, NY (JFK) for 4h 40m


    Flight 6786

    Operated by Comair, Inc. Departs: 8:30p

    John F Kennedy Intl (JFK) Arrives: 10:38p

    O'Hare Inter­national (ORD)

    Coach | Canadair Regional Jet 700 (Regional Jet ) | 3h 08m

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  • 3 years ago

    AIRLINE marketplace suggestion-(C)1997-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD Scandinavian airline SAS has reportedly suggested that it would improve its fee ticket expenditures on its eu flights by technique of as a lot as DKK400 on 3 August 2004. SAS had interestingly suggested that the reason behind the upward thrust became the unrealistic low value of tickets presently available contained in the so-called fee conflict between agencies collectively with SAS, Ryanair, Maersk and Sterling. A spokesperson for SAS reportedly suggested that the business corporation might want to no longer have the funds for to furnish tickets at loss, including that SAS would evaluate reducing expenditures back if it regarded that the business corporation became dropping too large a percentage of the marketplace. in accordance to Danish on line information service DR Nyheder, different significant competition contained in the conflict over less expensive flight passengers have suggested that they do no longer intend to improve expenditures on eu flights.

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