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Killing/Severe Pain Post Root Canal?

I have just completed root canal treatment (second session) for one of my back lower teeth today. I felt very comfortable after the procedure and asked the doctor if I should be expecting anything.

He simply said (during the first few days, you will feel some discomfort, a little bit of pain maybe, but that is normal and will pass... I prefer you not take anything unless badly needed, which is not expected).

Less than two hours after the procedure, killing pain starts within the very tooth and increases - it's basically killing me and also killing my ear.

I take ipo-brufin - it settles very slightly - but does not go away.

5 hours afterwards (which is two hours and a half ago) i take ipo-brufin again, and also settles the pain very slightly. So I go to sleep.

Now i wake up with the pain killlllllllllling me again, and I do not know what to do.

It's midnight here.

Is this normal?????????? Noting that my dr. said some (discomfort and slight pain) - How can i deal with the pain?

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    Call your doctor now. Call the doctors answering service if the office is closed and if you can not get in touch with him and the pain is as bad as it sounds you need to go to the ER. Something is wrong. Yes, it does hurt but it should not be unbearable.

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