why is the republic of congo such a dangerous place and what makes it an LEDC?

I have heard that the republic of congo is a very dangerous place to visit? why is that and what makes it an LEDC?

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    There are over 250 ethnic groups in Congo when independence came one group would of dominated by force while the rest fight to overthrow the Congolese people did not create their own country. Also the fact that Congo was the second biggest suppliers of slaves in the Atlantic slave trade battles between these groups are centuries old today they no longer fight for slaves rather the resources and power. Its a terrible country I know alot of people who are Congolese refuges it was recorded 2 million people died in a year im thinking that is population decreasing homicide they had the 2nd most deadliest war after WW2.

    Congo is in its dark ages we probably wont see anything else than that in our lifetimes war creates poverty and poverty breeds violence its a vicious cycle.

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    The Democratic Republic of Congo is a dangerous place because it is very unorganized and many different groups are fighting for control of the country and its resources. Most of the fighting is exclusive to the Eastern half of the country, the western half is relatively stable.

    The Republic of Congo (smaller Congo) is not involved in any wars and is pretty safe unless you go into the poorer parts of it's capital (Brazzaville).

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