what is the driving age in the state of maryland to get a licence?

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    Maryland Lerner's Permit:

    * Minimum age for applicants is 15 years and 9 months.

    * If under 16, you must provide a completed Learner's Permit School Attendance Certification form (DL-300) to an MVA official during the learner's permit application process.

    * You must pass a vision test and knowledge test.

    * If under 18, a parent or guardian must sign the application or, if the applicant has no parent or guardian or is married, an adult employer of the applicant or any other responsible adult may cosign the application.

    * You must be 18 to obtain a Learner's Permit for a CDL Intrastate, 21 years of age for Interstate. In addition, you must also have a full driver's license (does not include a motorcycle license).

    * You will be required to disclose your social security number. Applicants not eligible for a social security number will be required to provide a self-certification.

    * A valid U.S. Department of Transportation physical card (if applying for a Learner’s Permit to drive a commercial motor vehicle).

    Out-of-State learner's permits cannot be exchanged for a Maryland Learner's Permit.

    * You must also complete the Maryland Graduated Licensing System requirements.

    See site below for more details.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Probably not. It depends on the restrictions. If you are not 18, or 21 in some states, you are not able to rent a car anyway. If you have a restricted / graduated license program then no, you may not.

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  • Adoc
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    1 decade ago

    16. 15 to get your permit.

    Source(s): MD resident.
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