I am having trouble renting out a spare room in my apartment. Any advice?

My roommate and I have been advertising our third spare bedroom in our apartment. We live in Playa del Rey, Ca, which is near Marina del Rey and LAX. I've tried Craigslist, Westside Rentals, Roommates.com, word of mouth, flyers...my church and two university housing systems. Tons of people have come to look, and a couple people even committed and then decided not to follow through. What do we do? The landlord is getting angry with me and for the past two months, I've had to take out loans to cover the missing person's rent. I also recently bought some furniture to make the place look nice. So if I move out now, I'd have to give up the furniture. It's also finals time, so now would be a terrible time to move. I tried looking around the area for a new apartment to share and no one would take my two pet cats. How do I find another roommate to move in!!?????

Here are some pics of the apartment. It's 700 a month with a 650 deposit. Please advise me how I can make this more "appealing" for someone to move in.


What do I do? Please give advice.

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    Lower the deposit. That's usually what keeps people away, they can't afford to pay the first month and a deposit on top of that. Or lower the rent. That's really what makes people tick...the money. If you can't lower the rent or deposit, you'll just have to wait it out. Just think of it like this, for a little more money, they can get their own one bedroom apartment. Why would they want to live with roommates?

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    looks nice enough....watch HGTV for tips on what could spruce up the room or area. Your cats may keep some people away.

    Also, some people get used to the smell of their house. Be sure that the cat box or something else is not smelling up the place, try baking cookies or bread when you show the place.

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    You may be having trouble because it is getting to be finals time. It No one is going to want to commit to a lease during that time. You may have to wait for a new semester, or until september.

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    lower the rent or remove the deposit requirement. You may not be able to rent it for full price.

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  • yodie
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    unfortunately, it could be the green walls, pink sinks and yellow counter tops...Try lowering the rent and/or deposit.

  • Steve
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    1 decade ago

    Where something really sexy when they come to see it!

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