Jeff Hardy sign has contract extension?

- Matt Hardy posted the following blog on his official MySpace page earlier today:

The deal has been reached, the contract has been signed as of May 19th, 2009.. Why? What about Matt? I'm sucking it up and giving every fiber of my being for..for them. With a legitimately excruciating broken hand.. but really.. for what? Nothing really ever changes.. I hope this makes everyone happy..

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Jesus don't love me, no one ever carried my load.. I'm too young to feel this old"

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I'm assuming Matt is referring to Jeff Hardy's contract extension

WQ) Do you Matt was talking about Jeff,

Are you happy with this

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    Good for Jeff i think that was a good idea to sign another contract but personally i think the fans were the one who kept him in the WWE they gave him so much support

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    Right now Jeff hardy is in the centrestage of controversy in TNA. And Since TNA has finally done something which will "Change TNA for ever", I expect this angle to run for atleast 6 months. So when Jeff Hardy's contract expires, he will most likely be either the TNA World Heavyweight Champion or the No 1 Contender. So he'll probably sign a new contract for 1 more year. Or if TNA does the smart thing and Hogan and Jarret screw Hardy and make Anderson the poster boy of their stable and champion (WHICH THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE), then hardy will probably leave TNA next year.

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    LMAO 3 Big Red Monster users.

    it should be 3 Big Big Head Monsters.LOL

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    Jeff is a pot head

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