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Which best describes the split between India and Pakistan?

Which best describes the split between India and Pakistan?

It caused complete chaos.

There was a peaceful period of migration.

Bangladesh refused to join India.

Punjab was unaffected.

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    India alwayshate muslims whereas muslims doesnt hate hindus.In Mughal empire both muslims and hindus have equal beheiviour.But after Mughal empire hindu start doing against muslims.Hinmdus kill thousands of muslims.Due to this Pakistan made.Pakistan is a safe country for every type of rel;igion even for hindus.Hindus celebrate their reliious festival freely even many hindus from India come to Paksitan for celebrate their religious festivals.Whereas in India violation on muslims, christians, sikh, budh, low class hindus is too much.

    There are not much friends of India because of these violation.

    Many Indians said that present India is like 3 thousands years before India when India is in ignorace.Many Indians said that India will chane this behiviour otherwise civil war fought.

    Pakistan hate India because of violation on muslims in Kashmir and in India.Anyways now Paksiat doest hate India whereas India even now hate Pakistan.Its because of wrong teaching in India, i mean in Indian schools they teach many things against Pakistan.

    After mumbai attacks Indian send all his army to the border of Pakistan as a reaction Paksitan also sent all forces to Indian border.But now Pakistansent back many soldiers whereas India doesnt sent back any soldiers.that means India is always against Pakistan.

    If India agree for peace then both countries live in peace.

    We as Paksitani pray that India and Pakistan will friend.

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    before the british came, during the mughal empire, every religion was given an equal voice, hindus, muslims , jains, because the mughals realised that the only way to make india strong was to unite all ethnicity's

    but when the british came, they turned everyone into backstabbers, muslims didn't trust hindus, hindus didn't trust muslims...etc, they did this because that was the only way they could defeat and take over the large and moderately powerful subcontinent, so when the british were taking over india, there would be indians fighting and killing each other, and over time the religious hate has escalated

    punjab was not unaffected, during partition, there were many sikhs and muslim displaced,

    there were no peaceful period of migration, while muslims were moving to bangladesh and pakistan, the homes of muslims who were not moving were burned down same thing happened with hindus in pakistan, however in bangladesh, hindus were not forced out much, because after partition, 25% of bangladesh population was hindu,

    why should bangladesh become part of india? when there are separatist groups all over india, from gujarat to kashmir to assam, there are people calling for independence. and bangladesh isn't doing so bad, even if there is room for improvement, it isn't doing so bad

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    You have two right Answers and two wrong Answers as posted above.

    1. It caused complete chaos. (TRUE)

    2. There was a peaceful period of migration. (FALSE)

    3. Bangladesh refused to join India. (TRUE)

    It was called East Bengal at that time of partition in 1947; not called as Bangladesh.

    4. Punjab was unaffected. (FALSE)

    Having reviewed above 4 options, I think the bloodbath that followed 15th August 1947 split can be called chaos if not anarchy. So, I will go for Sl # 1 (above)


    Bangladesh got its independence from Pakistan on 26th March 1971. Actual day of liberation of Bangladesh occured about 10 months later on 16th December 1971. Majority of the overwhelming population of the then East Bengal (now Bangladesh) opted to join Pakistan in the pre-partition plebiscite held all over India. M. Ali Jinnah was also our father of nation till the time he said that "Urdu - And Urdu will be the only State language of whole of Pakistan and 21st February 1952 language day martyred laid the foundation for the cessation of East Pakistan from the clutches of West Pakistani leaders and generals.

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    complete chaos- thanks to the british.

    peceful migration- no, funny thing is india still have more muslims than pakistan making the sence behind pakistan as nation a question!

    bengladesh refused to join india- neither did they want to be a part of pakistan.

    punjab- was affected. indians consider punjabians as its "lion heart". the sikh army men in india are considered as the bravest!

    in pakistan there are only a handful of sikh army men, the FIRST being recruted a few years back.

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    It caused complete chaos...True

    Peaceful migration....False

    Bangladesh refused to join India....True

    Punjab was unaffected.....False

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    everything else is WRONG except the "chaos" factor.


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