True or False: New York City is the #1 city in the United States?

I used to live in Brooklyn,NY and Im not trying to be arrogant or disrespect any other area of the country in anyway.

I just want to know if you agree with me on NYC being #1 in the US

to me it is because theres nothing you can't do here and living in NJ close to NYC is the funnest area of the country to live in in my opinion

True of False: NYC is the #1 American City?


iceman I think you are right about that

thats the good thing about moving to New Jersey years ago

in terms of fun things to do Im thinking its #1

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    New York (well, Brooklyn) is the number one city in the United States, yes.

    We have the highest population than any other city in the country - it's logical to then assume that it's because more people prefer this city over any other.

    Better job opportunities - I don't care who on this forum happens to be unemployed and chooses to take it out on the city, there is no other city aside from Manhattan that is offering more jobs, particularly in almost every field you can thing. DESPITE the economy the way it is.

    Better academic opportunities - higher education is unbelievable here. Except when compared to Boston (which clearly has more universities per capita, and they're nearly all internationally acclaimed), we have the entire CUNY system, some SUNY schools, NYU, Columbia, Pace, LIU, St. John's and a slew of other well-reputed schools. Additionally, the secondary education isn't too bad either - per capita, New York has the most private schools than any other city in the country, and, additionally, they have the best honors schools than any other city - Stuyvesant, Bronx Science and Brooklyn Tech alone make up for all the other crappier high schools in the boroughs.

    A million (FREE) things to do - you don't have to pay to go the beach (well, in Brooklyn), Central Park, Chinatown, Little Italy and any other past time/cultural center I can think of. This is why more international and national tourists are here EVERY day of the year than in any other city.

    I like other cities in this country, don't get me wrong - I had the opportunity to move here 15 years ago, as a child, from Eastern Europe and actually have something to compare it to. Seattle is great, as is Chicago, and Boston (actually lived in Boston for 9 months for study), and San Diego (family there). But the taxes in New York (City or State) are nothing compared to most Western states - Iceman, go to California and you'll be begging to move back here. My sister lives in CA and attests to the "sunshine" tax - and then wonders if she should move back here because she's paying extra for the lack of seasons.

    Not everyone moves to CA and stays - again, my older sister went for law school, but is just waiting until she graduates so she can come back. I was accepted to some graduate schools in SoCal but I decided against it. Most New Yorkers go there because they get sick of the weather and the constant busy-ness here - and then they come right back after two years of disappointment :) Everyone always comes back - because it's the best place in the country.

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    Sure ..number 1 for getting ripped off and taxxed to death.

    I may agree that it has more to offer then any other least as far as attractions and things to do.

    Source(s): lifelong nyc resident.
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    New York Rules - True!

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    Noooope. I love NYC, but my personal favorite is Chicago.

    Although, I think that the real city people should visit if they want to get a taste of America is Detroit.

  • no Los Angeles is

    why do you think everyone moves here

    better weather... nicer houses... better beaches... everything is spread out... better looking women

    and how does it have more things to do ??

    for attractions nothing is better than los angeles... themes parks disneyland, knotts berry farm, universal studios, six flags,

    you can go sking/snowbaording and go to the beach in the same day

    you can own a car and actually drive it

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