Why do you think your boy, Adam Lambert, lost last night?

I personally don't watch AI but I saw it last night and apparently the cute little emo/goth, rumored gay, guyliner, glamrocker-ish dude was picked to win hands down. So why do you think he lost?


Ok. I think we all know that he won because he had more votes. But i'm hoping you can give me a more in-depth analysis of why you think this occurred.

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    I think that for one, all Danny's super-religious fans went to Kris. It was very obvious that many didn't necessarily vote for Kris, but instead were voting against Adam. And two, he had the mainstrean/tween girl vote, and that's a big one. plus he was a shoo-in with Simon (series first) and that ticked off all the people who wanted the humble little underdog to have a chance *gag*

    Adam Lambert has one of the most dedicated fanbases I've seen of any AI hopeful (seriously they voted like minions me included), the media was even pulling for him to win. He was on the morning news in LA and publicly admitted that he lost most likely for being gay, he even said that he was surprised he was even able to make it as far as he did with the American public.

    I may be an obsessive glambert but I'm not a cooky theorist. everyone knows why Kris Allen got more votes.

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    Hahaha, man you pretty much got his look down to a T... well speaking for his hometown of San Diego, I didn't personally follow the show AT ALL, but I was a little disappointed that he didn't win. I was there when my dad Mayor Sanders announced that it was Adam Lambert day last week. Even when I wasn't a fan, I guess I sorta became one for our hometown emo. Anyway, I think it was razor thin (the voting) and maybe the rumor/fact that Adam was "gay" may have swung votes to the other side. Sad, but probably a true factor to the results.

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    Reasons why Adam lost- he was gay-pictures and videos on the internet, his voice (some said he sounded like a dying cat), style (guyliner, glamour rock thing, makeup, and fingernail polish) and performances (people thought he screamed too much) was not suited for more conservative or mainstream viewers. Some people thought he was being "pimped' because he was being favored by the judges, producers, and celebrities. Some people think that he was arrogant when he chose the winning side when he was voted in the bottom 3. Kris was the pick on votefortheworst.com. Lastly, some people thought that Adam could have a better career without American Idol than Kris would. Kris was more mainstream-a guy that you could imagine hearing on the radio.

    A lot of this I got just from going on Yahoo Answers and reading other comments about Adam on other sites.

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    I think it was a combination of factors, most of which have already been mentioned before me:

    - Kris is non-threatening pop compared to Adam's wild vocals and artistry;

    - Kris is cuter to all the 8-14 year old girls who have cell phones and KNOW how to use them;

    - Adam is gay, and you can say that shouldn't matter, but it still does;

    - There was backlash because of the judges' perceived push for Adam to be the winner - sometimes people don't like being pushed.

    - Kris picked up Danny fans because Kris is much more like Danny than Adam is.

    - (Edit) I have to admit that I agree with the person above me is right, that Kris was a little better Tuesday night, the one and only night I believe the case could be made that he was even in the neighborhood of better. Adam seemed uncharacteristically nervous or something, and was not at the top of his game.

    I feel sure it was not any one thing. However, you can chalk me up as a disappointed fan because my boy, Adam, lost last night.

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    Ok well because he is the one that most people voted for.I think the majority of people who watch american idol are young girls.Young girls are always goo goo gaa over the pretty boys i mean look how crazy they go over the jonas brother.Actually this takes me back to when i was a teen and Hanson was popular I LOVED THEM!!! I thought they were soo cute.Adam is more goth where Kris is the pretty boy type.

  • Many reasons.

    Either all or most of Danny's fans went to Kris, or Kris' fans (like myself) voted a crazy amount of times. Or Kris' fan base was just larger.

    However, Kris may have gotten more votes because Adam is gay. But that is very possible and it is unfortunate because you shouldn't not vote for someone cause their sexuality.

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    1 decade ago

    For weeks and weeks SImon and Paula had annointed Adam as the winner. Randy and Kara were much more fair minded and at least gave the other contestants a chance. America has the final vote and frankly, I got sick and tired of the Adam Lambert show. Adam is undeniably talented, but it was a bit much when he sang poorly and the judges still praised him as if he was the second coming of Elvis. Frankly, I don't like metal/rock music and I think most of America prefers pop, which was Kris' genre. I think Kris appealed to most of America. ALso, last year a rocker won....David Cook. That wasn't going to happen two years in a row.

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    this is just what I think happen:

    1)adam's fan too complacent,assume that there will be many ppl out there voting for him, end up not enough votes to beat Kris

    2) Kris' fan are more devoted.

    3) Kris' did better in the finale, so for those who dnt really have a favourite and make their votes solely on tuesday's performance will definitely choose Kris.

    4) For all you know, in factuality, Kris has more fans than Adam.

    5) & many more....

    PS: i hv to disagree that he got lots of votes from girls coz he's cute...to think about it, adam is actually better looking...soin this case, its not bout looks ok!

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    Adam is too unique for the mainstream, plus Kris probably got Danny votes.

    Just watch who will actually make it big in the entertainment industry.....it will be Adam

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    In a nutshell, 38% of the votes that came in on Tuesday night came from Arkansas alone and all for Kris.

    So basically, it wasn't because Kris was better, it was because a large chunk of people voted for him simply because he was from their home state.

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