Anybody been to fort huachuca, AZ?

My husband and i are moving to fort huachuca in august and we was wondering if anybody has lived on post there?? How is it? Are dogs allowed? Thank you for your answers.

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    My deepest sympathies.

    I grew up outside of Fort Huachuca in a town called Sierra Vista, commonly known as Sorry Vista amongst the locals and the soldiers stationed there.

    If you are a city slicker, well, your time at Fort Huachuca will be Hell. We have an overglorified Mall called the "Hall", as it is a 1 story mall. There is a poolhall on the outskirts of town whose name I cannot remember. There is a killer pizza place called Vinny's. There are several drinking establishments, including the Sorry Gulch Saloon.

    If you are a birder, outdoorsmen etc. well you are in luck! The Huachuca's offer some outstanding views of the valley and of the US/Mexican Border. (note: Sierra Vista is only 10 miles way from the US/Mexican Border, however it takes about an 60 - 90 minutes to legally cross the US/Mexican Border)

    You have the main gate which leads out onto Fry (the main street of Sierra Vista), the East Gate (which leads out into the more rural side of town, onto a road called the Bypass which takes you to Walmart fairly quickly), and the West Gate. The West Gate takes you to some nice countryside in Patagonia and Sonoita. There is some KILLER campgrounds in that area. However they warn smugglers will cross through the campground. In all my time living there, 15 years, I never once ran into smugglers.

    Speaking of smugglers:

    Fort Huachuca/Sierra Vista is the largest city for 75 miles. Tucson is the nearest large city. As a result, Sierra Vista shuts down around 10pm, and the night time war starts. Yes, there is a war there 24/7. If we ain't fighting the War on Terror on Fort Huachuca, we are fighting the War on Drugs/Immigration. Needless to say, at night, it isn't unheard of to hear of a Border Patrol car driving through town. While driving North to Tucson, there is usually a Border Patrol checkpoint. Kinda looks militarized. Relax, they just wanna double check you are who you say you are. They're looking for illegals, not Americans.

    Now for entertainment, Bisbee is very liberal. It is about an hours drive from Sierra Vista. Unfortunately Bisbee is also the county capital, however there is a very good Mine Tour down there and if you're interested in the arts, the town does do good in the arts section. Seriously though, please check out the Bisbee Queen Mine Tour.

    On the outskirts of Bisbee there is an unusual shooting range where you can shoot up ANYTHING. We took out spray paint cans, tv's, dishwashers, etc. You "donate" (aka leave) them there for the locals to shootup there. Remember that illegal immigration thing I mentioned above? Yeah, we ran into a group of illegals marching south while down there. (I guess they failed in their venture into the US)

    Now, you also have Tombstone Arizona. Next to the Grand Canyon (approx 12 hours away), Tombstone is the second biggest tourist attraction in Arizona. Why? Well lemme tell you: First off, the O.K. Corral Shootout took place there, with reenactments daily, as well reenactments of shootouts in the streets. With such famous names as Doc Holiday, Wyatt Earp. If you do Geocaching, there is a geocache that takes you to the villians ranch. (whose names I cannot remember) Plus it has a very distinct Western area along a portion of the town. For the longest time, the town and surrounding area was used for movie sets. You'll get a nice idea of what life was like in the Southwest U.S. Seriously, check it out before leaving the area.

    School District wise: The Fort Huachuca School district is a fine school district. My mother still happens to teach there. Sierra Vista School district is alright, with the largest (and richest!) High School called "Buena High School". In the event you have kids and they attend there, they have an Army JROTC program. Huachuca City School (outside of town you will drive past it) has some pretty crummy schools. Avoid sending your kids there.

    Speaking of Huachuca City: IT IS ONE OF AMERICA'S WORST SPEEDTRAPS! They WILL pull you over for doing 46 in a 45mph zone. The locals will slow down immediately after crossing into Huachuca City, and speed up immediately upon exiting. DO NOT SPEED IN HUACHUCA CITY! There is a gulch at the bottom of the outskirts of town, from the North its immediate, from the South (coming from Sierra Vista) its on the outskirts. Thats where the cops will hang out, since they account for gravity making vehicles travel faster without hitting the brakes.

    As for Post itself, well, a lot of AIT students go there. Occasionally we get the concert there from MWR, I remember seeing Train do a show there. The local Airport (or is it the local base runway) is large enough to land a space shuttle in the event of an emergency. Nothing really special though.

    Man what else you got? My family lives there, grew up there and I go on leave there quite a bit. That base is the reason why I joined the Navy.

    Oh and Aqua Prieta (dirty water in spanish) has some good floor tile for a ridiculesly low price.

    Edit: Feel free to ask me any questions you got on the local area. I'll be down there very shortly again on leave.

    Source(s): PO2 USN, spent 15 years growing up outside of Fort Huachuca Arizona
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    yeah its nice

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