Who is Hayden Kho?

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    Dr. Hayden Kho Jr. is a product of a medical school with good reputation You just cant study in such kind of school if you are not intelligent and rich.Shame on Lolit Solis questioning the financial capabilities of Kho's family.Hayden is just a victim of all this people who are lambasting him on the media inorder to gain credits for their vested interests. Katrina Halili is to be blamed also. In the first place why she is in there? No guy will ever respect a woman who is not behaving in a decent way.

  • MatT
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    Hayden Kho is a medical doctor currently practicing in the Philippines and taking up Aging Cosmetic Surgery as a specialty.

    According to news reports, the said medical doctor is a "sick pervert" and has been locked up in the basement (Psycho ward) of the Makati Medical Center and is "suicidal".

    Kho is now in danger of having his medical license revoked because of scandalous videos taken by him of his sexual partners without their consent.

    He is also the former boyfriend of Vicki Belo, the premier cosmetic surgeon catering to actors and actresses in the Philippines.

    Kho graduated from the University of Santo Tomas as a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, and is of mixed Chinese, French, Spanish, and Tagalog ancestry.

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    So how did a young man from a good family and a good school (UST) become tagged, by Sen. Bong, as a “maniac” and a “pervert”? Honestly? It was showbiz that destroyed him. Thrust overnight into the limelight by his participation in the show Celebrity Duets, the man who claimed to be “shy” and “reclusive” (even if he was already modeling part-time) found himself surrounded by all sorts of temptations, mostly of the flesh, blinded I’m sure by the glare of the klieg lights which can either make or break a person. Sadly, it broke him.

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    The dance partner of KH singing Careless Whisper. Hahaha. Ano ba yang pinag-uusapan natin?

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    Malay KHO!


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    watch all the sex video files scandals of hayden kho at




    hinayhinay lang po sa panonood

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    he's the former PBA player called the "Fortune Cookie"...

    ay mali, Atoy Co pala yun.

    who cares about the guy... being hooked up with a 50+ year old doctor for some time must have made him feel deprived.

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    I gave Matt T a thumbs up. I think he got everything covered.

    Nosebleed ako. I thought I was reading an article written by Inday (",).

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    The unbecoming doctor, Dr. Vicky Belo's boyfriend which her daughter opposes their relationship. The doctor who used to record his.........

    with sexy celebrities.

  • It should have been 'hidden ko'.

    But because of 'careless whisper', it burst into a deafening shout.

    That's probably why you asked.

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