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I'm doing a modern version of Romeo and Juliet, need setting ideas? Please help!?

Please help! Anything is appreciated but please don't tell me to rent the one with Leonardo DiCaprio, we're not supposed to make one based off of that.

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    Actually, West Side Story is a modern version of R & J. The DiCaprio version is just putting Shakespeare's words in a modern setting.

    Since you can't make it two gangs, West Side Story, you could play off the political conservative Republican's child falls for the child of a super liberal Democrat. You could go back in time just a little, compared to Shakespeare anyway, and have a white college student fall in love with a black civil rights marcher. The parents would obviously object. A young Jew falls for a Palestinian.

    Go back to World War II. A German soldier and a Jewish girl fall in love with each other. He hides and protects her for a long time until they are found out and executed.

    I hope I've been of some help. Good luck.

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    Mabe in a highschool the place the boy is a jock, basketball possibly. the lady is a Nerd, and it fairly is thier pals who do no longer choose them to occasion......Oh, isn't that HS musical???

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