Looking for free music maker program..?

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ive alwats wanted to use a program where i can create my own songs without needing any instrumentsthe program has all the sounds and things i need ...where can i get a free download ...show more
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You want free, you got free.
Acid Xpress is the lite version of Sony Acid Pro.
Doesn't have all the functions of the commercial version but still allows the creation of up to ten loop (pre recorded music clips) based tracks.

Acid Xpress:
A pack of free loops can be downloaded from the site.

Need sign up but more Acid compatible free loops from Macloops:

More free loops.

Sony Acid Pro 7, FL Studio, JamTrax, Mixcraft, Dance EJ and Magix are also loop based apps but are commercial not free apart from free trials.

Sibelius and Finale Notepad are music notation programs.
They do not use loops.

Audacity and Wavepad are audio recording and editing apps.

Guitar Pro and Tux guitar are intended for writing guitar music.
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  • bubble answered 5 years ago
    i think all the softwares like audacity,wavepadeditoretc r all not capable to make music. i think the best progra m is magix music maker....enjoyyyyyyyyyyy


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  • Arkire answered 5 years ago
    Haha, i can help you a lot on this one.

    Kay, best choices, ill try keep this brief -
    If you dont know how to read or write music, or know how to play guitar then your gonna have some problems. It also depends if you wanna edit recordings, or make midi files, which are like ringtones.

    Best free software for editing music:
    - Audacity
    - Wave pad

    Best free software for midifiles (cleff music)
    - Sibalious
    - Finale Note pad
    (fretboard music)
    - Tux guitar
    - Guitar pro


    Hope that helps, c ya.
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  • Lauraine answered 4 days ago
    I am a music producer and composer since back in the 70s. Let me tell you this:

    1. There is no such thing as a free music production software, money will have to be paid. Don't download any software that claims it's free or else you will get your computer infected with a virus.

    2. Anyone can make music these days, the technology allows you to make extraordinary music/beats with no skills at all

    The best music production software price-features wise it's Dr Drum. Basically this program does what $1500 programs do but costs only $29. That's a steal. And I have to say it's the easiest program to learn. Check it out here: http://www.doctordrum.pw
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  • Josh answered 5 years ago
    garage band is great on macs but expensive and wont work on windows.
    magix music maker is als good but costs 50 somthing pounds(british)
    and the trials are a waste of time....
    there are a few online sites but they are not very good
    i have the same problem trying to find one an im starting to think there aren't any good free ones. but i will keep looking.

    good luck hope u find one...


    years of searching for simmaler software (well maby not years....)
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  • diana r. answered 5 years ago
    Sibelius and Finale are the best commercial score writers.
    MuseScore is a good free open source alternative.

    The best free audio editors are Audacity and WavePad.


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  • Philosopher answered 5 years ago
    LMMS is a good and free.

    You might like to use it in combination with Audacity.


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  • mikky answered 5 years ago
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  • mr goofy answered 5 years ago
    just google it
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