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2003 dodge ram 1500????

does the 2003 dodge ram 1500 have the same rear end in the 3.7ltr v6 as opposed to the 4.7ltr v8

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    it has the same housing ,but may be geared different,that would be the only difference in them,good luck.

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    All 1500s no matter what the motor size have a rear end built to handle the same weight. Such as axel, gear, and brake size. The only difference is the gear ratio comes in three sizes. The factory puts in the size that the buyer wants at the factory. The style of the rear end could very from year to year.

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    Although the rear end housing is the same, there may be differences in the gearing. with the front wheels chocked to immobilize the vehicle use a floorjack to lift the truck. (Chocking the truck is necessary to keep it from rolling away) With the rear end in the air and the parking break off spin one tire foward. (Helps if you are in neutral) If both wheels spin in the same direction, You have posi. if one wheel spins forward and the other spins backward you have either an open carrier, or a limited slip. to check for a limited slip go offroad, and break the rear end loose in an acceleration skid. then check the dirt path. two burnouts skid marks limited slip. one open carrier. do not do that on the street. you can try that at the local dragstrip at least ther you will not get in trouble.

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    they should both be 9 1/4 but with different axle ratios.

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    same rear end in both trucks

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    They are the same truck except for the engine and drive-train.

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