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英文 檢查短文文法、結構、組織









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    I am xxx, 21 years old, I am going to be senior in xxx University, my major is Software Engineering, I’ve learned some data structure, c++, flash, website design, html, php(大小寫全文應一致), data base, java, and some concepts of business , management and accounting, I was a vise leader of a computer research club when I was a sophomore.

    When I was a junior I have been to xxx state?, America, I Studied in xxx University there for one year, and that was whole last year, I majored in Computer Science, and I learned discrete math and java also, I knew a bunch of foreign students including Koreans, Japanese, Nepalese, Spanish and so on, besides, I knew some Americans and I could hang out with them naturely, I joined the parties, worships, picnics with them, some of my American friends are coming to Taiwan to visit me, I love them so much.

    On the other hand, in my leisure time, I play basketball, table tennis, Frisbee, workout and I watch American movies, TV programs like “Friends”, “the Apprentice and Sponge Bob”, the year in studying abroad, I had learned a lot of knowledge such as American cultures, how to hang out with Americans and make friends with them, it was a special and invaluable experience, in order to increase my abilities, I make an effort to learn everything which I am interested in, I think my advantages are website design, java programming, PHP, database and the experience of the studying abroad, although I am not the top person, I have the spirit of learning and being diligent, I think that is my personality, thank you.

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    HTML 和 PHP 是縮寫,應全用大寫字

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