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Anonymous asked in 餐廳與小吃台灣咖啡茶飲與甜品 · 1 decade ago






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  • 1 decade ago
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    First lore is : is in Chinese ancient south area according to legend , popular feelings is simple, the wisdom of the people does not be opened , is dark all around one day, the masses think that have engraged god, in style day, dog swallows the sun, during rightful popular feelings alarmed, somebody suggests to gather to join all women , makes cake with flour and malt, hold a memorial ceremony for Bai universe, let day dog eats fully, do not swallow the sun again , is under the approval of whole people , so make 許 much cake holds a memorial ceremony for Bai, really, the sun is again clear, therefore appearance along become coarse, the cake made, satisfy had been named for solar cake.

        second kind lore is : settle dynasty end, production cake very famous congratulate day rise, have woman beginning length into, congratulate day rise pupil display dimension the people see Miss. flower allow month look, according to it appearance make the sun cake, with pure barley-sugar do heart, express sweet think of feelings, in recruit on kiss meeting big obtain congratulate teacher biography favour, satisfy will love woman 許 ration he. Hereafter, congratulate teacher biography returns with old dimension the clear solar cake done treats as happy cake, minute is given to relatives and friends, obtain favourable comment deeply, so, solar cake again has the good name of daughter cake.    

        3th kind lore is : the shape form of solar cake is perfectly round, intermediate 蓋 have red shop notes, it is solar to be similar in apperance before, tens of years do not know who take name is solar cake, spread at this point.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

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