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奶爸集中營的歌 我找不到


就是爺爺帶小孩子去練習 還有比腕力時 的配樂 ?

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    連結開新視窗:[點擊關鍵字+ Shift]


    藝人: New English(美國)

    曲名: Human Being Human(2005)[請輸入關鍵字human being human new english 至 Amazon 試聽確認 謝謝!]


    Karma took the day off

    Keep your heads up

    I'm not joking

    They don't give you many

    I don't take any

    I don't know

    nothing I can't lie

    I'm good inside

    I even cry sometimes


    I'm too real

    I'm too human being, human

    I'm too real

    Just a human being human

    Being me

    I don't know what

    you'd call it

    Fear of falling, paranoia

    I watch were I'm walking

    And who I'm calling

    You never do know I can lie

    I'm good inside

    I even cry sometimes




    Just a human being

    human being me,

    being me


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