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(急~)英文翻譯 (10點唷~~)

大家好 在下須要英文高手門 幫我翻譯...謝謝~~

新制度年金給付年資: 006年1月

新制老年一次給付年資: 006年1月


一. 本表提供截止至列印日止電腦登載之被保險人投保紀錄,實際年資依投保單位所申報資料為準, 本表僅供投保單位及被保險人辦理保險業務參考,不做其他證明用.

二. 依據電腦處理個人資料保護法及政府資訊公開法等相關規定,本表僅限被保險人本人或其現投保單位始得查詢索取.

三. 老年一次給付之年資,六十歲以前最多以三十年計算,六十歲以後最多以五年計算. 年金給付之年資,以被保險人所有投保年資計算,無年資上限.

註:交易代號欄為1406之存款 依委託單位要求 須經驗證方屬個人存款

各位大大 我知道這些翻起來有點OOXX.....@@

不過非常急需翻譯高手的幫忙 感恩感恩~~

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    The new system annuity pays the period of service: 006 year in January newly made old age one time pays the period of service: 006 year in January Explained: One. This table provides the closure to stop the computer to the series printing date to publish the insured to take out insurance the record, the actual period of service according to the insurance unit reported that the material is a standard, this table only supplies the insurance unit and the insured handles the insurance business reference, does not make other proofs to use. Two. Processes individual material protection method and government information public method based on the computer and so on related stipulation, this table only limits insured or it presently takes out insurance the unit beginning to result in the inquiry claim. Three. The old age one time pays the period of service, 60 year old of before are most by 30 year computation, 60 year old of later will be most by five year computation. The annuity pays the period of service, by the insured all insurance period of service computation, non-period of service upper limit. Note: The transaction code number fence is 1406 deposits according to entrusts the unit to request to pass through the confirmation side is the personal saving


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