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Learning Filipino(Tagalog) Language?

Could anyone give me tips and sites or any resources/ect. to learn Tagalog? I really want to learn my Langauge besides english (im Filipino) because i really feel like an outcast when my family talks to eachother in Tagalog sometimes and i can't join in or anything -o- i know it's Tagalog because i asked them. ehehe. So yeah i really need help to understand and learn Tagalog. :) My family won't teach me.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I definitely know how you feel... I am half Filipino/half Indian and I don't speak either of those languages! However, its good that your family speaks it! The key to learning a new language is exposure!

    I would start with Pimsleur - its a bit pricey (if you buy it... check your library for a copy...) but it does a very good job of breaking things down from the basics and building you up. If that's too simplistic, try Rosetta stone, or buy a living language or other book from your local library. I like pimsleur because its easy to do and it works, I'm using to learn Russian right now and it works great. Its easy to fit in half an hour per day while doing exercise or driving or something.

    You sound like you might have some experience though, and if that's the case, Pimsleur might be too easy for you. Nevertheless, I would give it a go (they sell 'starter' kits which are the first 8 lessons for about $20. the best thing you can do is get from the library though). If it is too easy, try Rosetta stone or something - it depends on your learning style! If you have a hard time fitting things into your schedule, a program like Rosetta stone or Pimsleur is really good because it gives you some structure. Learning from books is possible, and if you family speaks often it'll be easier, but it requires a lot of dedication.

    I think the absolute BEST course of action is to take a university course, but this is expensive and takes a lot more time.

    Anyway, to sum it up, do lots of exposure. So, have a structured daily (half hour?) commitment to learning the language from a book, from Pimsleur, Rosetta stone, etc. Additionally, ask your mom/dad to only speak Tagalog with you. If you don't understand something, ask them to try to explain in Tagalog, and only resort to English as a last resort. Eventually, I would also pick up a simple children's book or newspaper or something and try to understand a little (page by page) at a time. Tagalog is very simply written so you're lucky there!

    The most important thing is to just go at it, make sure to do a little bit each day and keep building on your growing knowledge! Mabuting kapalaran sa iyo!!!

    Source(s): Lifelong love of learning language
  • 7 years ago

    Hi the best way to learn is to learn like a child. Find a LANGUAGE-PARENT. Find someone who can speak tagalog and ask him to converse to you every day. You have to be Spongebob and soak up everything. Start with the daily nouns and verbs you use. It should not be that many. What's great with tagalog is even if you baby talk (small phrases), you'd still be intelligible and understood by a tagalog speaker as the grammar rules are more flexible than english. But worry about the grammar later. Once you have your daily verbs and nouns, start to communicate with your language-parent, his/her feedback will help you figure it out. This is the way children learn language.

    Source(s): Native speaker of Tagalog and currently studying Arabic as my third language.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Lol! my mother would love you, she's been trying to get me to learn either tagalog or visayan for ages. but when there's a word i don't know i usually use

    hope it helps :)

  • 7 years ago

    I'm an American who learned Tagalog fluently. A lot of Filipino are surprised to see me (a super tall and white American) speaking their language when their own children can't even speak it. I commend you for trying to preserve your language. I think the best way to learn Tagalog is from using what I like to call the "Steve's Freddy method" (Freddy Aguilar). I had a really hard time learning Tagalog from dictionaries and vocab and phrase lists. While I was trying so hard to learn Tagalog I was walking by a window in The Philippines and I heard the heavenly music of Freddy Aguilar playing from that window. It was calling out to me. I didn't understand the lyrics (yet) but it seemed to say "Learn my lyrics" I later learned that the song was about the life of hookers. Soon after I was blessed with the discovery of Freddy's music I had an epiphany. Music! the answer was music.

    I came up with a method to learn Tagalog at the same time make it fun and easier to soak-in. I Searched for Freddy's music everywhere I could find it, then I looked up every lyric to every song I had of his; then I used grammar books and dictionaries to translate his songs. Now I had a very efficient study guide to learning Tagalog. I would memorize the vocab and listen to the songs over and over again. I did it with other Tagalog artistes as well. It took me 4 to 6 months after that to learn Tagalog fluently.

    I just found a few things on Google that confirm my method

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