What Are The Correct Songs & Words For 92.5 JOE FM & 103.9 CISN Country In Edmonton For Thursday May 21st 2009?

Just Want To Thank Everyone From The Edmonton & Surrounding Area's For All That You Do To Make This The Best Team On Yahoo Answers. You Ladies & Dudes Totally Rock Man.

Without You All, It Would Not Be The Well Oiled Machine That It Is.

Thank You So Very Much.

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    1 decade ago
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    Good morning all!

    Michael Jackson worked for me for Maureen's last word

    D is the answer for Penticton trivia (even though ABCD usually works too)

    All the other answers available now seem to be up already - so I'll just wish everyone a great day!


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    1 decade ago


    7 Out Last Night

    7:15 artist

    BBFF Hillbilly Highway

    9 God Love Her

    WW report

    10:15 friend

    12 Kenny Chesney

    2 My Baby Loves Me

    2:15 sunshine worked

    4:15 game worked

    5 You Look Good In My Shirt

    CCMW Kiss A Girl

    8:15 hoe worked


    Maureen's Last Word - American Idol worked

    Spring In Penticton - d

    9 Where The Streets Have No Name

    11 Wind Of Change

    2 Wanted Dead Or Alive

    6 Right Now

    8 Sledgehammer


    Bob Layton - 224

    Sleuth - divide

    Games 'n eCards Trivia - pink

    HowStuffWorks.com Trivia - workweek

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    WQYK, Tampa

    Newsletter for week 5/16 – CMA

    Top 8 @ 8 for 5/20 – Out Last Night

    Hank Dale's Impossible Question for 5/21 – Eggs

    Cut and paste 'abc' to get the points for these trivia questions -


    Country Music Trivia

    Hello, Mr. President

    This Day In US History

    Where In The World?

    Games – Pink

    How Stuff Works – Four Day Work Weeks

    New Video – Georgette

    Sleuth for 5/21 – Divide

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  • 1 decade ago

    Good Morning Everyone,

    93.7 - MIKEFM & 107.3 - WAAF - Boston, MA

    American Shoppers = Enter now

    Champ or Chump Trivia = b) Pittsburgh Steelers

    Champions = c) Cornelius McGillicuddy

    Desktop Smiley's Trivia = 1000's of ringtones for your phone

    Employment Trivia = Deborah Brown-Volkman

    Games 'n eCards Trivia = Pink

    Hello, Mr. President = b) 20

    How Stuff Works Trivia = 4 day work week

    Music Challenge = b) Los Angeles

    New Video Trivia = Georgette

    Rock Music Trivia =a) True

    Sleuth Trivia = Divide

    This Day In U.S History = c) 1869

    Where In The World? = a) Moscow

    Alternatively, you can copy and paste


    to get credit on all trivia questions.

    Mike (rimsk)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Happy Thursday Everyone..

    Andy's - Blueberry Shake

    Artist -Brad Paisley

    Nascar - Tomorrow

    Taylor - Best Day

    Champions- C

    Country Music Trivia - B

    Games - Pink

    Hello Mr. President - B

    Video of the Day Trivia - Georgette

    This Day in U.S. History - C

    Where in the World - A

    Sleuth - Divide

    AmericanShoppers Trivia: Enter Now

    VitalJuice Trivia: Moms

    All Access 101 - Aloft

    Prayers and good wishes to everyone..

    Thumbs up and please remember to return and give a thumbs up to those who have answered after you.

    Joan K

  • 1 decade ago

    WWYZ Country 92.5 Hartford, CT

    Champions - C) Cornelius McGillicuddy

    Country Music – B) Hicktown

    Country Video – B) False

    Games n' eCards – Pink

    Hello, Mr. President - B) 20

    HowStuffWorks.com - Four-day Work Weeks

    New Video – Georgette

    Newsletter - American

    This Day in U.S. History - C) 1869

    Where in the World? – A) Moscow

    Sleuth - Divide

    Bosh and Cory – Noah

    Town of the Day – Westfield

    Kat's Daily Bonus - Valhalla

    Kat's Lunch –

    Wendy's Daily Bonus -

    Wendy's Drive Time -

  • pj0685
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    1 decade ago

    Good Morning

    If you're like me and didn't enter these yesterday, they're still up for JOEFM, WEDNESDAY, MAY 20TH:

    6 pm - gel

    8 pm - don't speak

    Thanks everyone for the Happy Anniversary wishes - Hubby celebrated without me at the Spinning Wheel in Canby, Oregon. Oh, well, at least I had my hula lessons with Juan and Cabana Girl. I have to keep the hips swirling when my genetic habit is to want to hippity hop. Love to hop! Have a great day everyone! Get out the patio chairs and put away the snow shovels.


    Bowies - Gonna Hire a Wino (worked)


    Bob Layton - 224


    Games - Pink

    How Stuff Works - Four Day Work Weeks

    Sleuth - Divide

    Harvey's Original Free Burger Day, Sunday, May 24, 10:30am - 3pm

  • 1 decade ago

    Answers for CISN 103.9 Edmonton & Country 105 Calgary


    Some of these answers worked for me shortly after 12am, I hope they work for you.

    7am Song = I Told You So

    7:15 Word = Artist

    BBFF = Hillbilly Highway

    9am Song = God Love Her

    Work Word = Break

    10:15 Word = Friend

    12pm Artist = Keith Urban

    2pm Song = My Baby Loves Me

    2:15 Word = Highway

    4:15 Word = Garden

    5pm Song = I Told You So - worked for me

    Most Wanted = Kiss A Girl

    8:15 Word = Hoe - worked for me

    Country 105:

    7am Song = Mr. Mom

    7:15 Word = Sun

    Work Word = Monarch

    10:15 Word = Panda

    1sr Song @ Lunch = It Won't Be Like This For Long

    Top 3 @ 3 = One In Every Crowd

    4:15 Word = Sand

    5pm Song = Heads Carolina, Tails California

    Trivia for Both:

    Country Music = B

    Games = Pink

    Hello Mr. Prime Minister = C

    How Stuff Works = Four Day Work Weeks

    Let's Go Green Canada = C

    Sleuth = Divide

    Sports = A

    This Day In Canadian History = C

    Have a great day everyone

  • 1 decade ago

    Thanks everyone! Thumbs up!

    92.5 XTU Philadelphia

    My 3 Songs: Vacation

    Country Cafe: Vacation

    Make it or Break it: Vacation

    ABC for multiple Choice

    New Video of the Day Trivia: Georgette

    Games 'n eCards Trivia: Pink

    How Stuff Works Trivia: 4 day work week

    Desktop Smiley's Trivia: 1000's of ringtones for your phone

    Sleuth: Divide

    Thoughts and Prayers for all of those who need them!

    A very Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to all who are celebrating today!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is the only link working for WXTU Philadelphia to get points. http://925xtu.listenernetwork.com/

    Champions - c) Cornelius McGillicuddy

    Country Music Trivia - b) Hicktown

    Games - pink

    Hello Mr. President: - b) 20

    HowStuff Works - four day workweeks

    This Day in History - c) 1869

    Video - Georgette

    Where in the World - a) Moscow

    Sleuth - divide

    92.5 WXTU - Philadelphia

    on air trivia

    My Three Songs - vacation 5/21

    Country Cafe - vacation 5/20

    Make It or Break It - vacation 5/20


  • 1 decade ago

    US 99

    Artist: Brad Paisley

    Andy’s : Raspberry Tea (5/20)

    Nascar: Tomorrow

    Taylor: Best Day

    All Access 101: Aloft (Sheb & I are in there -Sheb in Yellow, me in Blue & White & we're holding a KU tote bag)

    Champions: C) Cornelius McGillicuddy

    Country Music Trivia: B) Hicktown

    Games: Pink

    Hello Mr. President: B) 20

    Video of the Day Trivia: Georgette

    This Day in U.S. History: C) 1869

    Where in the World: A) Moscow

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